Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  We finally had some rain on Saturday, in fact it poured, and it left us for six hours without electricity. 

2.  No garage sales on Saturday, due to the rain.  When I awoke to the rain I thought to myself, oh good, I will stay home and get caught up on laundry, mending, ironing and sewing.  Needless to say, that was rather difficult with no electricity.

3.  I forgot to mention last week what I had made Corinne for her birthday.  I made her a new irish solo dance dress.  I had made her first one about a year ago, black velvet with pink trim and cupcake skirt, and was not pleased with it, and it was too wide on her.  With her living a thousand miles away it is difficult to fit anything on her.  This time I made a pale aqua satin with dark pink trim and embroidered a lot of shamrocks and other designs on it.  They were totally surprised when she got it--Kate had been wanting to ask me to make her a new one but thought I was too busy.  I'm looking forward to seeing it on her in pictures when dance starts up again.

4.  I am so thrilled that Aly Raisman won two medals last night.  All of the press had gone to Jordan Weiber and Gabby Douglas, yet Aly has more medals than either of them.  There was even a whole article in the week's Time magazine about Jordan Weiber and how she didn't make the all aroud team--no mention that Aly had scored the highest. 

5.  We have lots of birthdays coming up in our family this month.  The 21st is Erin's sixth birthday, the 22nd is Patrick's thirty-third birthday, the 23rd is Michael's fifth birthday, and the twenty fifth is two of my sisters' birthdays--Julie will be 51 and Kay will be 60 (hope they don't mind my saying their ages on here).  I'm doing lots of on-line shopping.

6.  I went to the eye doctor yesterday and ordered new glasses.  My prescription didn't change much, just a little stronger on the bottom part of the bi-focals for reading.  I order some in a dark red--hope they aren't too obnoxious.  I don't really know what is in style but it seems like all of my glasses have been medium brown tortoise-shell and rectangular for the past 20 or 30 years.

7.  Husband is going to a sleep clinic to spend the night tomorrow night.  I'm sure he has sleep apnea and have been bugging him for years to do something about it.  He is up and down all night long and dozes off--or I should say falls into a deep sleep--about four or five times a day.  He also smokes and is overweight (though he's lost about 15 pounds this summer), which are two contributors to sleep apnea.

8.  I go back to my dentist on Friday for a follow-up visit, then I'll be finished with doctors for the summer.  The only one I missed is the gastrointestinologist for my colonoscopy.  I probably should have done that first with our family history, but I called a couple of times and couldn't get through, even left a message which was never returned, and my doctor switched hospitals so I had the perfect excuse not to do it.  As soon as school gets going smoothly I will schedule an appointment.  Man, all of my posts seem to have to do with doctors and illnesses.

9.  My mother in law is getting really bad really quickly with her alzheimers.  She ran into a woman again last week on her scooter and pinned her up against the wall.  She also took her whole weeks' medicines by Thursday, and has been causing trouble at Friendship Village.  The nurse called my husband this morning and said they are going to have to take her scooter away from her.  She went to "driving school" on Monday and failed (she had to go twice before after running in to people).  The nurse also suggested she give up her apartment and move into the nursing home.  I know she will fight that, and I don't blame her.  I hope they let her try a wheel chair for awhile and let her stay where she is.  They think she is a danger to herself in her apartment, which is probably true, but it's still going to be really difficult moving her.

10.  School starts a week from Monday, and I can't believe summer is almost over.  We have meetings all next week, culminating with our leader training on Friday, which is exhausting, then the weekend starts the birthdays.  I think I better sleep this weekend.


  1. Lorelei's famous! I doubt if she's ever been on a blog before, unless in her former life. Wow! I hope she doesn't get a big head.

    1. I don't know how to respond any way besides being anonymous. I'm not trying to be mysterious. Do you know who I am?

    2. I think you are my little sister, Libby. Just don't tell Lorelei that she's famous--I hope you don't mind me putting her here. Your messages went into my spam folder; don't ask me why.