Friday, January 9, 2015


I know it's been almost two months since Thanksgiving, but I just figured out how to upload pictures on my i-pad.  On Thanksgiving we all eat at our own homes, then we go to my sister Libby's for dessert.  Neither of my kids came in town, but my sister Julie and her family came from LaCross.  I didn't get many of the kids because most of them were downstairs, playing.  Except Carter, who is too little to be downstairs and very photogenic.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lost in Translation

My laptop was full of all kinds of spam and pop ups, so at Christmas when she was here my daughter in law rebooted the whole thing and all of my bookmarks were gone.  Therefore, I couldn't find my blog. I've also been using my mini I-pad more than my computer, and I couldn't find my blog by searching. I finally remembered that whenever a comment is made I get an e-mail notifying me, so I went back and found one of them and got back to my blog.  Now I'm on my I-pad, which is good because I've been taking most of my pictures since Thanksgiving on here.  I am really dumb with any type of electronic stuff, especially computers.  Wayne is good with electronics but computer illiterate, so we're stumped a lot of times.

Anyway, we had a great Christmas and I've spent this week de-decorating.  Now that I'm back on my blog, I want to post Thanksgiving pictures first so I have a record.  Can't locate my pictures now. Think I need to upload them to Picasso first, so I'll be back.