Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snowed In!

Here we are in St. Louis snowed in again.  I think we got five or six inches, but it was through the night so there wasn't time to clean the streets.  There were 840 school closings this morning.  Wayne was bummed out because his history class was supposed to be at 10 today and he loves the class.  This is his fifth history class he's taken at Meramec, and he's running out of choices.  

I went out to Meramec yesterday to visit, and it was fun seeing all of my old work friends.  My replacement seems to be doing fine.  Then I picked up Abbey and Erin at noon because their school closed early due to the weather forecast.  They are nice kids, and really pretty easy.  They play really well together; they'll go up in the playroom for a couple of hours and we don't hear a thing.

We've had two birthdays in the past couple of weeks, my son-in-law Dave's, and my grand daughter Abbey's.