Friday, March 30, 2012

Pretty in Pink!

Happy Pink Saturday!  
My first seven grands in pink (the girls, anyway)
My newest grand baby--in pink
The rest are pink flowers from my yard.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome Spring!

Just in the past two weeks our yard has started to explode with color.  This is the front yard, with a Magnolia Tulip on the left, a Redbud and a Dogwood.
A pink Bleeding Heart
A white Bleeding Heart
Large white Lilac, next to back porch
This is Creeping Flox is next to our driveway, and the green is the start of Hollyhocks--they grew there last year, as well, right through the stone wall.
This is our newest addition--last year we planted this Weeping Cherry tree
Close-up of Weeping Cherry
This is a Tulip Magnolia in our front yard--it is just about to lose all of its flowers since it bloomed a few weeks ago
A close-up of the Dogwood and Redbud
Red and white Tulips
White and red Tulips
Violet-colored Tulips

A pink Tulip with Climbing Hydrangea in the background
R.W. cleaning off the gate
The first blooms of our Azaleas
A neighbor's cat that loves to sit in our birdbath or under our porch and tease our dog, Joe.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Gift Certificates

I have Charity Clothing coming tomorrow for a pickup, and I have ten large trash bags full of stuff to get rid of.  I'm very proud of myself for working on my New Year's resolution.  Three of the bags are of fabric--to say I have a stash would be an understatement.  I used Christmas and Birthday gift certificates from my daughters to buy a new sewing machine from Hancock Fabric, just a basic no frills machine.  I have a nice embroidery/sewing machine, but when I'm embroidering I have to wait to take the parts off to sew on that machine.  Now I can do both at the same time; I also have a basic embroidery machine so I can get all three of them going at once, lol.

I'm also working on the girl's Easter dresses, part of my resolution.  I'm only making them for Corinne and Abbey, though, my two eight-year-old granddaughters. My older daughter bought dresses for her girls, and I have dresses for the two youngest ones.  I like to buy matching dresses for all of them, but my daughters seem to be getting tired of it. I'll post pictures when I'm finished.

I used some of my Home Goods gift certificates to buy a bird house I had been lusting over.  R.W. build a post for it and put it in one of our gardens.  One of my granddaughters said it looks just like our house.  I wish.  I also bought myself a new yellow leather purse from T. J. Maxx with gift certificates.  It's so fun shopping for things I don't really have to have.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

The top two pictures are of a bunny tray I bought a couple of years ago that I love, and a darling little bunny my son and d.i.l. gave me for my birthday.  I've started decorating for Easter and made this bunting/banner last weekend.  You can't see it real well but it says Happy on the top then Easter on the bottom row. 

This is a little bunny tea set.  I guess you can tell that I love bunnies.  When we found out our first grandchild was due in 2001 we made one of our bedrooms a nursery and decorated with bunnies.  I stenciled bunnies around the top of the room and bought all kinds of bunnies.  Now the grand kids call it the "bunny room."  Comes in handy for Easter.

This is a bunny plate--the three legs on it are little bunnies.  I hate to use it as a plate because that covers up the cute little bunnies.  The picture below is an egg tray that looks like it matches the above plate, though I bought them at different places at different times.

These are two of my favorite rabbits and some fancy, ceramic Easter eggs and stands I collected some years ago.

This is a little music box from the bunny room.

This is just some flowers I had and a big Easter basket, along with a few more bunnies and fancy eggs.
This is a night light from our bunny room.

My Easter salt and pepper shakers.
Cute little spring teapot a good friend gave me a few years ago.
Some styro foam eggs I decorated with ribbons and lace and hung from the chandelier with ribbons.

Another favorite bunny.

And another...

A gaggle of little white bunnies.

Benjamin Bunny cookie jar in my kitchen.  I've just started decorating, so I'll be moving stuff around and making little "Vignettes."  I'll post more pictures later.