Monday, April 4, 2016


We started March with a trip to Florida.  We flew to Fort Myers then rented a car and drove to Cape Coral.  Overall, it was kind of a disappointment, or a waste of money.  Cape Coral is like a town of retirees, hundreds of o e-story stucco houses with canals behind them and people over seventy living in them.  Our house we rented was nice and had a pool, but it was too cold to swim.  Wayne got in a couple of times, but it was too cold for me to ven put my toes in.  The nicest thing about the trip was hanging out with Jeff and Judith, but we can do that here in St. Louis.  They stayed in a condo that was in a resort that was nice, and there were cute shops and restaurants there.

On St. Patrick's Day we drove to Cincinnati to stay with Stephanie and Julia while John and Chellie went to New York for the weekend.  They have a new puppy, Max, so we hung out with him, too.  He has lots of energy.  We had lots of fun with the girls and got to visit with Polly and Bill on Saturday.  On Sunday, Polly and I took the girls to her favorite thrift shop.  They got lots of good junk.  Polly ended up spending twice as much as me--she didn't realize that you need to put stuff back on shelves when the girls are not looking.

Then the next weekend was Easter, and we held the family Easter celebration.  It was lots of fun; John and Chellie were in town so we got to see the girls two weekends in a row.  We had a good time Saturday practicing Easter egg hunts in the yard, decorating Easter cookies and dying eggs.  Then Easter we had about sixty people.  We were really worried about the weather because all week rain was predicted, but we lucked out.  We had the egg hunt and one, and the rain held off until after two.  Here are lots of pictures: