Sunday, October 25, 2015


October is almost over and life is rolling right along.  I'm keeping busy with teaching and working in the tutoring center Wednesday evenings.  My class is going okay for the most part.   I have one student who s a pain in the behind, a real smart ass.  She sends me e-mails when she's not coming to class to tell me I can't count her absent for me be reason or another. I finally told her this week that I don't care if she is absent or not; it's much more pleasant when she isn't there.  When they turned in their first papers she asked when they would get them back and I told her in a week, then she asked how many classes I was teaching .  When I told her one she asked why it took me a whole week to grade papers.   She's on her phone texting the whole class, although I tell her every class to put her phone away.

I went to Boston last week for a long weekend.  It was a busy weekend; Jack plays hockey, football and soccer.  Corinne plays soccer and does Irish dance, so Kate runs constantly when she isn't working.  We did get to go to a pumpkin farm in between games on Sunday.  It was a pretty drive with all of the fall colors.  We road through Cambridge and there was a big rowing tournament so the streets and bridges were lined with people. It was cool to see.

We're getting ready for Halloween.  John and Chellie will be here with the kids, so it should be fun with most of the grand kids here.  I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures next week.