Thursday, October 10, 2013

Five on Friday

I missed the ten on Tuesday this week, but I didn't really have ten things to write about, but I think I can come up with five on Friday.  

1.  The most exciting thing this week has been the cardinals.  They one the league division series against Pittsburgh.  I'm was hoping the Cardinals would win, but it's been years since Pittsburgh has been in the play offs so if we didn't win I would have liked to see Pittsburg.

 2.  Last weekend was busier than expected.  I watched Amy's kids Friday evening because they went to Nashville for a football game and Beth, their sitter, couldn't get there until about seven.  Michael has been asking me for weeks to take him to garage sales, so I suggested he come home with me and we'd go to sales in the morning.  He didn't want to spend the night, so Beth dropped him and Sara off at 8 on her way to Katie's game.  It wasn't such a good day for sales, bursts or rain showers off and on.  We were riding along and Michael said he sure wished he could go somewhere by himself, without his mom or dad or any adult.  I asked where he would go, and he said "New York."  I asked him how he'd get around, and he said maybe that was not such a good idea.  I asked him were else he would like to go by himself, and he said to a mall.  I told him I'd drop him off at West County Mall on the way to Sara's soccer game, then he said he wants to wait until he's a little older.

3.  Saturday evening we went to a 60th birthday party for my brother-in-law Dave.  It was just family and very nice.  Sunday morning Wayne's brother, Jeff came by to visit, and when he left we ran errands, Sam's, Lowe's and the drugstore.  When we got home, my brother Joe called and he and Becky came by to see the addition.  They left and a few minutes later Rob came by with the girls.  So, our quiet weekend wasn't very quiet, but after talking to Kate and hearing what all they did over the weekend made me appreciate our laid back pace.

4.  They hired my replacement at Meramec.  She starts on the eighteenth; I'm more than ready to be done.  She is supervisor of the academic center now, so she knows Meramec pretty well and it should not be difficult to train her.

5.  We close on our refinance on Friday, and hopefully we'll be done with all of the finance stuff.  We had the screens put on the porch yesterday and we'll have the roof redone in the next couple of weeks. I'll take pictures and post them next week.  We're really enjoying the new space.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1.  It's October; I can't believe it.  Where have I been?  I think about writing here quite frequently, but I've gotten pretty lazy and would want to add pictures, so I just skip it.  I'd like to have a record, though, so I need to keep it up.  I know it will be easier when I retire again.

2.  The addition is almost finished and we're loving it.  We still need to get the screens for the closed in part, tile back splash in the kitchen and a new roof for the main part of the house. 

3.  I'm going to Boston this month; I usually go sometime in the fall.  Jack asked Kate when I was coming so they could go apple picking.  I'll be going to Cincinnati the first week in November; Chellie has a conference so I'm going to help John with the babies.  I'm not sure if I'll fly or drive.  If I get a new car before then, I will definitely drive.  If I fly John has to do a lot of driving to pick me up and take me back to the airport.

4.  Garage Sales pretty lame for the first couple of weeks in Sept., but this past Saturday was pretty good.  I got some toys, some baby clothes, some games and other good stuff.  We went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago for some friend's daughter, Jessica, who I used to babysit for.  I hadn't seen her in years and would not have recognized her.

5.  I'm still working part time, and it's getting frustrating.  I'm ready to be done.  I do think they have picked someone to hire, who is already working at Meramec, but they have not officially told her yet.  I'm glad it's someone from within because it will be a lot easier training her since she already knows the computer programs we use, how to order stuff, how to do payroll, etc.  Our chancellor, whose contract ends in June and will not be given a new one, told everyone at the board meeting last week that she is taking personal leave until June.  No great loss.

6.  We put a deposit down today on new screens; we are screening in half of the new porch, the part by our bedroom.  We still haven't gotten our final bill from our contractor, so we're a little nervous about spending any more right now.  I'd really like to get a new car, something economical and safe, but I'm holding off until we finish everything else.

7.  It has been really nice having three day weekend ; I'm still trying to move stuff into kitchen and downstairs from upstairs bedroom.  We got the new bed last week and I made it up with a new duvet and sheets I got some time ago.  Wayne has been sleeping there all week, and I finally did last night. I took a bath in new, big bath tub the other day.  It took forever to fill.

8.  Youngest son Patrick, who lives in Brooklyn, is moving this week.  He's been in the same apartment for six years, but his landlord is getting divorced and wants to move into the apartment.  He found an apartment in a nicer section of Brooklyn, four bedroom, and found three room mates to live with.  He says it is big enough for his baby grand, so that is good.  I don't know what it's costing him to move it.

9. I got out our Halloween/Fall decorations this past weekend, with help from Abbey and Erin.  The builders put the new furnace for the upstairs in our attic, and they buried my decorations.  It was quite a feat finding them.  We finally did, and the girls had a good time putting them out.  I see all kind of cute ideas on Pinterest, but my stuff never seems to look to good.  Oh well, it's fun for the grand kids.

10. I've been reading again on my Kindle, instead of just playing games.  In the past couple of weeks I've ready When I Found You and The Husband's Secret.  Both were pretty good and easy reads.  The problem is that when I get into a good book I do nothing but read, staying up all hours.