Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Doctors, doctors, doctors...

I know it's wordless Wednesday, but I wanted to record a few happenings before I find a picture to post.  I'm leaving early tomorrow for Boston, and I know I won't remember anything.  Grandson Jack's First Communion is Saturday, and I'll be there from Thursday until Monday.  We were together for Easter, then this weekend, then Gulf Shores the end of May.  John and baby Julia are also going to Boston for the First Communion.  It's almost like living in the same town with my kids.

I've been visiting doctors the past couple of weeks.  (I know this is boring stuff, but I kind of use this blog as a record).  I went to my pulmonologist a couple of weeks ago and my lung capacity has improved from 46% to 54%.  He said it's probably because I lost weight and am not carrying around a huge load.  Then I went to my primary care doctor last week and everything was fine.  He acted like he didn't know about my surgery, but I know he was sent reports.  I think he didn't want to admit he totally misdiagnosed it.  He told me to quit losing weight--never thought I'd hear that.  Then yesterday I went to my oncologist, and he said everything looks great.  I asked again about chemotherapy, and he said my chance of recurrence is less than 5% and the chemo could do more harm than good.  I go back every three months for the next two years, and he assured me they were keeping a close eye and that I should call immediately if I have any symptoms.  I didn't really want chemo, but people kept telling me I needed it because it was a very aggressive form of cancer.

Our youngest son Patrick is moving back to St. Louis the end of May.  He moved into a different apartment last summer, and it has been one problem after another.  He's having trouble with his landlord, no heat half the time in the winter and rats in the walls, and the landlord finally agreed to fix things but needs everyone to move out by the end of May.  He said rather than find another apartment in New York he's going to move back to St. Louis. He's been there almost eight years, and though I think he is a good musician, there are hundreds of good musicians in NYC. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Pictures

We had a wonderful Easter.  All of our children were supposed to be here, but Patrick missed his flight from New York so we didn't think we would see him.  We were at my sister Libby's brunch and Easter egg hunt, and he appeared.  He got a flight to Chicago and rented a car and drove from there.  So for a day everyone was in St. Louis.  Without further ado, here are a few pictures:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

I couldn't come up with ten things to write about on Tuesday, so I thought I'd do five on Friday instead.

1.  I've been busy getting ready for Easter.  Though we won't have the whole family here this year, all of my kids and grand kids will be here so I'm still decorating, and I'm doing the baskets and eggs for the hunt for the family brunch.

2.  I've been getting out a bit here and there.  I get tired much more easily, but the weather is gorgeous and I have to get out of the house.  I went grocery shopping last Thursday, my first time out, and it was hard.  About half way through Dierbergs I felt like my insides were falling out.  This morning, after a doctor's appointment, I went to Sam's and it was a little better.  I did come home and take a two-hour nap, but it was good to get out.

3.  I went to my pulmonologist this morning for my yearly appointment, and my breathing has improved.  My lung capacity went from 54% last year to 62% this year.  The doctor said it's probably because I lost 40 lbs. in the past year and it's like I'm not carrying that weight around any more.  I guess there is an upside to my ovarian cancer.  Not the best way to lose weight, however.

4.  I bought my plane ticket for Boston this week.  I'm going for Jack's First Communion from Thursday, May 1 through Monday, May 5.  My son John is also going, with his ten-month old baby, Julia.  I think Patrick will come from New York, so it will be a small family get together.  I think my sister Susie will come to the party; she lives in Marblehead, about an hour north of Boston.

5. Wayne has been busy working in the yard--getting it ready for spring.  He repaired some boards on the deck and stained it and has been busy cleaning out the flower beds.  Our tulips are about half way up in front of the new porch,  We're still trying to decide what to plant after the tulips are done.  I want hydrangeas and Wayne wants azaleas.  When he's not busy working outside we've been watching Doc Martin.  We got through the first five seasons earlier this week, and ordered season six from Amazon.  It came yesterday and we were thrilled  It was kind of funny last week when we were trying to watch an episode.  It was raining and storming outside, and all of the sudden all of our smoke alarms went off.  When they put the addition on they put in nine alarms and they were all hard-wired, which means when one goes off they all go off.  We couldn't get them to stop, so we called our contractor and figured out that the one in the front hall had water in it from the storm.  There was a place in the new roof that was not sealed tightly enough and the water blew in and started the alarm, which started all of them.  John, our contractor, came the next day and fixed the leak.  He's' the nicest guy--I highly recommend him to anyone needing work done on their house.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stephanie's Skirt

When I went to visit John and Chellie in November, I brought Stephanie her first skirt.  As you can see in these pictures, she was determined to put it on by herself. 
She finally let me help her get dressed,
So we could all go out to eat...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Just got back from the doctor and got my staples out. It hurt a little because my skin was growing around them already. He said everything looks great. The cancer was "clear cell cancer stage 1A." He said that is the most aggressive kind of ovarian cancer and I was really lucky to catch it so early.  I can do steps now and drive, but not lifting or tub baths for six more weeks.  That means I won't get to pick up baby Julia at Easter.

2.  Wayne and I have been watching a PBS series, Doc Martin, and really enjoying it.  My sisters had told me about it and Patty lent us her DVD's of the first five seasons  It seems like every winter we devour a series in a week or two, i.e. Homeland, Sopranos...

3.  My youngest sister, Libby, will host our family Easter brunch this year.  I think this is the second time since we lived in this house that we have not had it.  I really love doing it, but I might be pushing it a bit.  Lib has a nice big yard that will be great for the Easter egg hunt.

4.  All of my children will be here for Easter this year.  I can hardly wait to see everyone!  I don't think Patrick has been home for Easter since he moved to NY six years ago.

5.  I bought Easter dresses for the two baby girls on Zulily and they came yesterday.  They are darling--light blue bishops with white bunnies smocked around the neck.  They are on Zulily again today if you want to see them.

6.  I did our taxes this past weekend, and we are actually getting money back.  I was really worried because I took a chunk of my retirement and invested it, and when I got my W4 from Meramec it gave the amount as untaxed income.  Fortunately, it was rolled over into an IRA so I don't have to pay taxes on it.

7.  Since we don't have to pay taxes, Wayne and I are going to Michigan in July.  Four or five of my sisters go every year, the third week in July, and this year we are going too.  I just put money down on a one-bedroom condo in downtown Saugatack.

8.  I'm looking at plane tickets to go to Boston the first weekend of May for Jack's First Communion.  Kate says Jack doesn't really even care about it, but I went to Corinne's and would really like to go to Jack's as well.  I don't have many Catholic grand children.

9.  Nine more weeks and we'll be in Gulf Shores.  I'm trying to not go overboard buying outfits for the grands.  So far I've just bought one set of swim suits and one set of dresses (coordinating outfits for the little boys).  Katie, my oldest grand daughter, refuses to dress like her siblings and cousins anymore, and I think the next three will soon be refusing as well.  I still have the little ones, though.

10.  Spring has sprung!  It seemed like it was never going to come this year.  Wayne is outside replacing boards on the deck and fertilizing the yard.  The daffodils are coming up and the grass is turning green.  Today is April Fool's, but I can't think of any jokes