Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Went to Cincinnati this past weekend to pick up gds Abbey and Erin, who spent a week with their newest cousin and seeing the sights of Cincinnati, and to see baby Stephanie.

2.  We are loving the Olympics.  I thought the opening ceremony a bit strange and drawn out, but I've loved watching the swimming and gymnastics.  I waited until this morning to finish my ten on Tuesday to see who won in those two events.

3.  USA won the gold for gymnastics.  My daughter lives in Boston and has met Ally Raisman.  A friend of my daughter's has a house on the Cape next door to the Raisman's.  She had an olympic party for Ally Sunday night and it made the Channel 7 news. 

4.  Michael Phelps won his nineteenth medal last night.  It sounded like he didn't prepare for these Olympics as well as he did in the past, but he still wins.  His mother must be so proud--notice how I mention his mother?  I loved watching Ally Raisman's parents as she did her routines.  You could see how nervous and anxious they were.

5.  There was a murder/suicide in Glendale, a neighborhood a few miles from where I live and a couple of blocks from my daughter, brother and three younger sisters.  Something doesn't seem right about what happened.  The husband said he was in the house and heard a gunshot and found his wife in the kitchen, his son in the family room, and the daughter upstairs in her bedroom.  He called 911 and reported a murder/suicide right away, but they say it is under investigation and no details have been released.

6.  We had a bit of rain Sunday, but the temperatures are back up over 100 this week.  I think there is some truth to this global warming stuff.

7.  I lost another pound, so that means I lost 3 pounds in July.  I really need to get serious about that, but I think I've said that before.

8.  Can't think of anything else going on, so this will have to be Eight on Wednesday.

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