Thursday, June 4, 2015

As A Woman

Someone posted the quote below on Facebook, I think it is from Jon Stewart, and I thought it was worth reprinting:
"As a woman, Jenner can now look forward to her physical appearance, not her talents or mind, being the object of daily scrutiny. Should she ever need to work, she can look forward to earning roughly 77% of what a man makes. Should she ever face physical or sexual violence, she, not her attacker, will be treated with suspicion.

As a woman, Jenner will also have to get used to hearing not just new pronouns but other fun words like "shrill," "nagging," "bossy" and "emotional." And then, of course, there's the catcalling, which a "beautiful" woman like Jenner can now expect daily.

A person transitioning to live as her true self is a wonderful thing and America has come a long way toward accepting transgender people. As Stewart so aptly pointed out, though, the real struggle now is to bring up the lives of all women. On that front, there are still miles to go."

As the grand mother of seven girls, I worry about their future.  It bothers me that females have not come much further than they were in the sixties. Wayne and I love watching the Cardinals, but they still have Hardees commercials with barely dressed women eating huge burgers with slop running all over their bodies.  Last summer I saw complaints in the letters to the editor in the Post Dispatch, but they haven't stopped.  I supposed enough men watch them and support Hardees.  

Now direct TV has a television ad with a young, pretty, bikini-clad woman lying suggestively on the beach talking to a horse.  What in the hell does that have to do with direct TV?  These commercials are during sports casts and during prime time, which are viewed by young people.