Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ten on Tuesday in Pictures

  I know it's already Thursday, but this week at school has been even busier than last week and I haven't gotten to it.

1.  We celebrated Michael's actual birthday last Thursday at Cici's Pizza then went back to his house for cake.

Michael got all kinds of presents, but he liked these little Mario cars I got on E-Bay for $5.99 the best.

2.  Had to take pictures of the girls, too.  I showed this one to Sara and she thought she looked just adorable.  No lack of confidence there.

3.  Celebrated my sister Kay's sixtieth birthday last Saturday.

4.  It also happened to be my sister Julie's fifty first birthday, and she came in from Lacrosse to celebrate.

5.  I embroidered some burp cloths for my sister and my niece to give as shower gifts.

6.  Garage sales weren't so good on Saturday.  I was driving down a very narrow street and a woman opened her car door and knocked my side-view mirror off.  It is electric, so it won't be so easy to replace.

7.  We just got back from a surgery center where Wayne had a cataract removed from his left eye.  He will have the right eye done in two weeks.

8.  John, Chellie and baby Stephanie are coming in this weekend.  I can hardly wait to see her them.

9.  My son Patrick, my baby, turned 33 last week.

10.  This is my 100th post.  I still only have 27 comments.  Hmmm.

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