Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I'm so frustrated, and though I don't want to complain all the time on this blog, I need to vent.  I've been waiting for some plates to be delivered that I bought on E-Bay a couple of weeks ago, and they still haven't come.  I bought some of these dishes from a garage sale a couple of years ago, before we even started our addition, because I thought they would go really well in our new kitchen.  I have seven plates, four bowls, four bread and butter plates, a salt and pepper shaker and tea pot.  

I've never used them, but I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would sell some stuff on E-Bay and use the money to complete this set of dishes.  They are by Villeroy and Boch and are called French Garden.  They are white with yellow and floral and fruit designs.  There are three different plates, and I had seven from the garage sale.  So, I started looking for more on E-Bay and lost out on a couple of listings, but finally last week I found someone who was selling five at a reasonable price.  So I had enough in my account to buy them, and thought they would come last Friday.  Well, when I got home from work on Friday there was a note on the door from UPS that they had tried to deliver a package but no one was home.  Wayne was here the entire day, but he doesn't always wear his hearing aids and doesn't hear real well.  The note they left said the package would be delivered Monday before 10:30, and they would need a signature upon delivery.  I was here all day yesterday, Monday, but since it was Labor Day I figured the dishes would probably not come until today.  So, I waited and waited, thinking they would be delivered by 10:30.  Wayne had jury duty, and I had to leave for class at noon.  I was so sure they would be on my porch when I got home, but I could see, from the street, another note on the door.  They could not deliver without a signature, in person, even though I signed the back of the first slip.   The note said they would try to deliver one more time, tomorrow, and if we weren't here they would return the package to the seller.  Grrr!

So I went on their website to try to find out what time tomorrow, because Wayne will have jury duty again and I'm leaving for work at 12:30.  I couldn't get any information from their website, so I called their toll-free number.  The man was so nice, I quickly got over my frustration.  He said he couldn't guarantee a morning delivery, but he would make a note not to return to sender if we were not here.  Then about half an hour later someone from the local UPS center here in St. Louis called and was very nice.  He said he would put a note on the package that it was urgent and needed to be delivered before noon.  I imagine if anyone is still reading this she is thinking, yeah, real third-world problems.  But I really would like to have the dishes for the fancy aunt lunch I am having here on Sunday.  Here are some pictures of them:

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