Friday, September 5, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  I finally got my plates.  But I had to drive downtown to the central UPS warehouse to get them.  They had promised to deliver them Wed. morning before twelve, but they didn't so I called at noon and the gal told me they wouldn't be delivered until 3:30 - 5:30 in the afternoon.  She told me the driver for our neighborhood had just made a delivery at Watson and Lansdowne and would be heading out Watson making deliveries and that I could try to find him.  I went ahead and left because I was meeting friends for lunch before work, driving out Watson and not seeing the UPS truck.  I hoped Wayne would be home from jury duty before they came.  He didn't get home until 6:30, so they weren't delivered, for the third time.

2. I had a busy day yesterday.  I had a doctor's appointment at nine, then had to go to the lab for some tests, then I went downtown to get the dishes, then to Sam's and then home.  Then, fortunately, Wayne had been dismissed from jury duty around ten so we went to class together and then out to lunch.  I worked today from 9 to 3;  now I can rest.

3.  Patrick, who moved back to St. Louis from New York in June, went to New York yesterday.  He had some friends passing through St Louis while driving to NYC, so he caught a ride with them and will fly Jet Blue home on Monday.  He has a friend who is a pilot so he can fly free on standby.  He's got a couple of gigs lined up there, but I really think he was missing his friends.

4.  I've been having good luck selling stuff on E-Bay.  I only list five or six things a week, so I'm not having to ship so many things at once, which involves waiting for the buyer to pay and packaging the stuff and going to the post office.  I have one person from last week who didn't pay until last night, and four of my auctions ended today and three of the four paid.  Now I have to wait for the last one or make multiple trips to the post office.  That's what happened when I sold stuff on E-Bay five or six years ago, when I finally quit doing it.  I do have more time now that I'm retired, so I'm giving it another try. 

5.  I'm having the fancy aunt lunch here Sunday.  I found a recipe on-line for a chicken casserole that is similar to party potatoes, but you use cut up chicken instead of potatoes.  I tried it a couple of weeks ago and it was really good.  We'll have to clean on Saturday, but the only time we really clean everything is when we are entertaining.  Luckily, Wayne helps a lot. 

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