Thursday, August 28, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Life continues to be busy, but it should be calming down now.  I'm working Wednesday's from 4 to 8 and Fridays from 9 to 3.  I taught an ESL class Tuesday evening as a sub for a teacher who had another commitment, and I'll be doing some subbing.  That is enough for me for now.  I also signed up for a class today.  Wayne is taking it, on the cultural changes during the 1960's, and it sounded really interesting.  I called the instructor this morning and asked if it was too late to join in, and he said come ahead.  He talked about movies from the fifties and TV shows, such as Leave it to Beaver and I Love Lucy.  It was quite interesting.  I haven't been a student for eighteen years, so it should be fun.  I much prefer being a worker bee and student to supervisor and teacher.

We were busy last weekend.  I worked all day Friday, then Saturday went to garage sales and then to a shower for my nephew's fiancee, Umang.  Then are getting married September 27 in Tulsa, but Wayne and I are not going.  Since I'm working Fridays and going to take off a Friday in Oct. to go to Boston, I thought it was  best not to take off after just starting.  Anyway, Umang is a darling young woman and I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful.  Here are a few pictures from the shower:

Then we celebrated birthdays; Erin's was the 21st, Patrick's the 22nd, and Michael's the 23rd. Saturday evening we went with Amy and Dave to Bravo, a restaurant in West County Mall for Michael's birthday.  Then Sunday we had Amy and Dave and their kids and Rob and his girls and Patrick for a birthday dinner.  Here are some pictures from the birthday celebrations:

My two sisters, Kay and Julie, had birthdays on the 25th.  I'm going to have a "Fancy Aunt Lunch" on the 7th to celebrate Kay's birthday and my niece Annie's, who's birthday is in September.  At least the past two weeks weren't nearly as crazy as they used to be when I was working full time.  I used to call it hell weeks.  We would have meetings the whole week before school started then the first week of the semester would be crazy getting tutors trained and schedules organized. 

It's so nice working a few hours and going home and not having to think about anything.  Last Wednesday and yesterday I went to lunch and shopping with a couple of friends from work before my 4 o'clock shift, and that was fun.  And we haven't been too busy yet in the MAC (Meramec Academic Center), so it has been kind of fun seeing people and having time to visit.

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