Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday, Sunday

It seems like I lost a week.  We had the birthday lunch last Sunday, and it went well.  I felt like I was prepared for once.  My dishes looked nice; I've bought more on E-Bay since then, some bread and butter plates and some soup bowls.  Here are a few pictures:

Work has been going really well.  Ten hours a week is perfect for me right now.  I'm working mainly with ESL students.  On Friday two different students came in and asked for me, which made me feel really good.  I love working with students and not having to worry about budgets, payrolls, meetings and crabby professors.  And every time I work I see someone who I hadn't seen since I retired, so that's lots of fun.  I don't make much money, but I'm just putting it in an account for our vacation next June.

The weather has suddenly turned cool.  I think it was 44 or 46 this morning.  We don't want to turn the furnace on yet, so I brought my space heater up and turned that on this morning.  I hope we don;t have any more 100 degree weather, but I'm not ready for winter.  Garage sales have been winding down.  If there aren't many good ones, or it is too cold like yesterday, I just go to my favorite thrift store.

Our class is going well.  I'm really enjoying it.  The teacher is lecturing on the Civil Rights Movement now.  The book we read is Freedom Summer, which was really good.  I shouldn't say "was," because I am still reading it though the class had a test on it this past Thursday.  We are auditing the class, so we don't have to take tests.  Although I lived through the sixties when all of this was going on, I don't remember that much of it.  It's unbelievable how blacks were treated in Mississippi, which is where the book takes place.

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