Tuesday, January 1, 2013

End of the Year in Pictures

It's been a busy two weeks.  First Patrick came in on Wednesday evening.  Then we celebrated Katie's birthday on the 21st of December.  Can't believe I've been a grandmother for eleven years.  We went out to eat with them then back to their house for ice cream and cake (cheese cake.)


We finally made it to one of Michael's basketball games.  It was pretty cute, a bunch of five year olds running in a pack.  They team they played was all girls, and one little girl, number 34 in the picture below, was really good.  She scored about 12 points.  Michael was supposed to be guarding her, but he'd just jump up and down in front of her with his hands up, then they'd both start giggling.  Needless to say, he didn't stop her from scoring.

Then we started getting more Christmas visitors.  John, Chellie and Stephanie came in late on Saturday evening.

We all went to Amy's on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts.

Christmas morning at Grandma and Papa's:

 Then to my sister, Lorie's, for Christmas brunch:

And back to Amy's on Christmas evening:

Then Kate, Corinne and Jack got in on the 26th.  Everyone came to our house to exchange gifts and to eat Imo's:

To be continued...

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