Thursday, January 17, 2013

3-Word Answers

What I am doing: Working at Meramec
What I’m proud of today: De-decorating from Christmas
What I’m thinking about: Three word answers
Who is home: My husband Wayne
Plans tonight: Watch Downton Abbey
My weekend was: De-decorating and grandkids
What’s for dinner: Wish I knew
Feelings about love: Nice to have
Feelings about life: Enjoy every minute
What I need: My family close
What I want:  Good health always
What I have: Family and Friends
My pet peeve: People who lie
My guilty pleasure: Ice cream @ night
What you don’t know about me:  I'm an Aquarius
What I can hear: Students in hall
What I can smell:  Too much perfume
My style: Classic Traditional Simple
My hairdo: Short always same
My outfit:  Black and white
My mood:  All is well
The weather today: Cold but Sunny
Thoughts on parenting: Glad I'm done
Thoughts on marriage:  Glad not done
Thoughts on politics:  Democrat, Democrat, Democrat
Thoughts on celebrity gossip: Fun to read
Thoughts on beauty:  Only skin deep
Thoughts on sleep: Never get enough
Thoughts on writing: Fun when time
My favorite appliance: Sewing machines, computers
My favorite car: Navy Grand Cherokee
My favorite splurge: Vacations with family
My favorite beauty secret:  No beauty secrets
My favorite treat:  TedDrew's Ice Cream
My favorite everyday pleasure: Farmville, reading blogs
Ten years ago: Kids getting married
Five years ago: Grandkids being born
One year ago:  Enjoying my family
One year from now: Enjoying house addition
Five years from now:  Hopefully much thinner
Ten years from now:  Hopefully still healthy
I’m famous for: Overdoing every thing
I’ll never be famous for: Speaking in public
Who I am:  Mom Wife Grandmother
Who I hope to be: Happy confident loved
What I’m thankful for: Family, friends, health

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