Friday, January 4, 2013

Back at Work

Christmas is over.  I'm back at work today.  We had a rather quiet week recovering from Christmas.  John and Chellie left Sunday evening, but not before we had a plumbing problem with the kitchen and bathroom sink backing up.  RW had run Patrick to the airport, then he called in the middle of the upheaval and said he had volunteered to give up his seat for a $400 voucher.  He had friends who lived by the airport, so he called them and stayed with them Sunday night.  Kate and the kids left early Monday. 

We had a quiet New Years Eve; a plumber came and got the sinks unstopped up, and we watched Amy's children for a couple of hours in the evening, then went to bed early.  The rest of the week was spent eating and watching TV.  I didn't even do any sewing, though I want to make a birthday dress for Stephanie.  She will be one on the 23rd of this month.  We've been re-watching the first two seasons of Downton Abbey, since season three starts this Sunday.  We've been looking forward to the new season since last spring.  I'm getting ready for two trainings at work, the tutor training all day Wed. and the SI Leader training all day Friday.  I keep reminding myself that this will probably be my last semester here, so I see an end in sight.  I did tell my dean before the holidays that I'll be retiring this summer.  He said we'll talk about it after the new semester gets going. 

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