Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I started decorating for fall last week.  I got most of the decorations at garage sales.  I was really excited about the pilgrim nutcracker, because I collect nutcrackers so he'll be out for a while.

2.  On Sunday we went to Cardinal game and our oldest grand daughter, Katie, sang American the Beautiful with the Kirkwood children's choir.  They won, 9 to 4.  We left after the sixth inning, thinking we could hop on the Metro Link and beat the crowds getting home.  Unfortunately, the Rams football game had just let out, and we literally shoved our way into the train.  I fell into a lady when the train started, but she was nice and said luckily she was well padded.

3.  Cardinals are almost in the play offs.  They won again last night but Los Angeles won too, so we didn't get the wild card spot yet.  I think we just need to win one more game. 

4.  I'm going to Boston on Thursday to visit my daughter and her family.  I haven't seen them since June, and they will not be here for Thanksgiving, so I figured this well be a good time to go.  I usually go in October and we go apple picking and take long drives looking at the changing colors.

5.  I watched grand daughter Erin for a while Sunday evening and she helped me get out the Halloween decorations and begin decorating for Halloween.  The grand kids always enjoy helping me get our holiday decorations.

6.  I finally got the miirror replaced on my car.  I was getting used to driving in the right lane on the highway since I didn't have that passenger side mirror.  I also got the car inspected last week and got new wiper blades.  I didn't realize how bad the old ones were--it's great to be able to see all around now when I'm driving.

7.  We still haven't talked to the guy about our addition.  This past weekend RW suggested we start looking at houses to see if we can find one with everything we want, rather than adding on.  We found one we loved, but it was already under contract.  We like our neighborhood and location, so I think we'll probably stay where we are.

8.  Had a meeting with the dean this afternoon and we have to all cut our budgets by 10% next year.  He asked if we had any ideas, and I suggested getting rid of half of the administrators down town--we have 6 vice chancellors now and our chancellor has three private secretaries plus a private personal assistant.  Five years ago there were 2 vice chancellors and one secretary.  And they want us to cut back our academic support programs.

9.  While watching the baseball game last night there was another stupid Hardees commercial.  Now they have a guy eating the big sloppy handburger, but he is fully dressed.  I guess they got some flack about the two barely dressed gals.

10.  I've been making Halloween shirts for the past couple of weeks.  I made them for my niece's two daughters and my nephew's three sons last week, and I just did a couple tonight for my sister's grand kids.  I love the way the appliques look, but they really are a pain in the neck to embroider, especially when there are a lot of fabric changes.

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