Sunday, October 21, 2012

Go Cards!

We've had a pretty quiet week.  I took some pictures of the burning bush and mums in front of our house this week.  Most everything else is gone.  

Boston grandson Jack helping me route for the Cardinals (even though he's a Red Sox fan).

We've been watching baseball and routing for the Cardinals.  It's kind of amazing they have gotten as far as they have this year.  Tonight they're playing the San Francisco Giants in the League Division Series.  We are up three to two games.  It would be wonderful for them to make it to the world series again, but if they don't that's okay since they won it all last year.  Amazingly, we lost our manager and best player but are still doing well.  Our new manager has no experience but is doing a great job.

We had staff development this past Tuesday at work.  We all had to go to the Forest Park campus--it was mandatory that we attend from 7:30 in the morning until 5 p.m.  Our new chancellor, who's been here about a year and a half, organized the whole thing.  It was a fiasco.  We had to wear name tags with different color dots depending on where we worked, and we were directed throughout the day according to what color are dots were.  At the end of the day we had to put our name tags in a box--if we stayed all day we got to put them in the good box; if we left early we had to put them in the bad box. We were not given an agenda, just had to sit listening to different people speak for six hours straight, telling us things we already know.   Then we broke into discussion groups but we had six different groups in the gym and one was louder than the next.  There was a board meeting Thursday evening and quite a few faculty got up and spoke, but the chancellor denied that we were forced to be there and had to stay nine hours.  I'm really looking forward to retirement.

I haven't gone to garage sales for about a month.  It's cold on Saturday mornings and I have projects I'm working on, so I stay home.  I'm working on Corinne's Irish Step dress because it was too short and Kate had a seamstress in Boston lengthen it but she screwed it up.  I brought it home with me and am redoing a lot of it.  Her next Feis is the first weekend of November, so I need to get it back to her before then.

We've decided to go to Cincinnati the second weekend in November.  They will not be home for Thanksgiving, so we want to visit them since we won't see them until Christmas.  We haven't seen Stephanie since Labor Day weekend, but they put pictures on Facebook today of a visit to the Pumpkin Patch and she looks adorable.  I tried to download the pictures so I could post a few but wasn't able to.

Oldest grand daughter Katie is singing in a children's chorus and they had a concert this afternoon.  She loves to sing but hates the outfits they have to wear. 

I think her favorite part was the cookies afterwards.

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