Saturday, October 13, 2012

Boston Visit

It seems like forever since I posted anything here--probably because it's been forever.  I spent five days in Boston with Kate and Grand kids Corinne and Jack.  We did all kinds of fun things, starting with a visit to farm to pick apples and buy pumpkins.
On the way to pick apples

Plenty of huge apples

There's a little petting zoo at the pumpkin farm

Sitting on the scarecrow's lap

J picking out his pumpkin

C deciding on her pumpkin

Then we started off Saturday with Corinne's soccer game.

Followed by Jack's hockey game

He hates getting on all of his gear.

He's happy it's over, and he doesn't realize they lost about 18 to 0

Then on Saturday evening we had a Thanksgiving dinner, since Kate will not be home for Thanksgiving

Kate's sister in law with her twins, Emily and Will

Kate's friend Michael and her neighbor, Eileen

Some of the food

The kids at the table
Then on Sunday morning Jack had another hockey game, but I stayed at the house with Corinne.  He had a soccer game in the afternoon, but I didn't take any pictures.

We watched Cardinals play their games over the weekend, advancing to the playoffs.

Then on Monday we went shopping for awhile then hung out at the house

Jack riding his Razor Rip I had given him for his birthday this past summer

And my sister who lives about an hour north of Kate, in Marblehead, came to visit Monday afternoon.

My sister Susie with her daughter, Elllie, at her wedding in June

Kate and her friend Michael--just realized I didn't have any pictures of Kate from the time I was there, so I found this one from my niece's wedding

Then on Tuesday I hung out at the house because Kate had to go back to work and the kids back to school.  I left late that afternoon and got back to St. Louis around six.  It was great spending a few days with them.

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