Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  My sister-in-law Gail, who lives in Texas, stayed with us last week.  She took her mother to the dr. and shopping, so that gave RW a break.  She left early Sat. morning, so I really didn't see her much since I worked all week.

2.RW had his other eye operated on last Thursday.  He now can see better out of that eye than the first one he had operated on.  He thinks he still will need his glasses, but I have noticed he has not been wearing them at all the past couple of days.  He goes back to the dr. on Thursday.

3.  Stephanie crawling all over, so they put up new gates.  The biggest problem is their dog, Annie.  Stephanie absolutely loves Annie and makes a bee-line for her every time Annie is in the room.  Poor Annie. 

4.  I made reservations to go to Boston the first weekend in Oct.  I haven't seen the kids since June and they won't be in until Christmas.  Corinne has a feis that weekend so I will get to see her dance in the new dress I made for her.

5.  Dave took Sara to the Rams game this past weekend, and it was moustache day because our new coach, Jeff Fischer, has a moustache.  I think they look pretty good with moustaches, especially Dave.

6.  Speaking of the Rams game, the Hardees commercial is really pissing me off.  Their commercials have always been very suggestive, but now they have two attractive young woman, dressed in bikini tops and cut-off gym shorts with their butt cheeks hanging out, eating burgers and slopping them all over the place.  It is really kind of disgusting the way they objectify women.  I won't eat there, along with Chich Filet.

7.  The mirror on my car is still not fixed.  When I went a couple of weeks ago they had ordered the driver side mirror instead of the passenger side.  He had to order another one, and he called yesterday and said he was still trying to find one.  I'm getting used to driving in the right-hand lane.

8.  I joined Twitter, but I'm not sure what to do with it.  They suggest people I might want to follow, listing movie stars and well-known people.  I really don't care what they are doing, so I probably shouldn't have joined.

9.  Garage sales were pretty good on Saturday.  At the first on I went to I found a umbrella type stroller for baby Stephanie.  Now I have to figure out how to get it to Cincinnati.  I got a bunch of little things, too, and at the last sale I went to (last because I ran out of money, lol), I bought a set of dishes made in England.  They're pretty old, white with blue trim, twelve place settings.  The gal had $50 on them but saw me looking at them and told me to make an offer.  Since I had $40 left I offered $40, and she took it.  I didn't take pictures of the stuff I got, but I'll post some later.

10.  I called the guy last week who we want to do our addition, but he did not call back.  My sister, who recommended him, said you have to call him three of four times.  We're sure we want to do it but a little nervous about such a big investment, so we aren't going at it whole heartedly, if that makes any sense.

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