Friday, September 7, 2012

Ten on Tuesday on Friday

1.  Wow.  I can't believe it is already Friday and I haven't posted since last Friday.  We did have a busy weekend and I've been really busy at work these past few days. 

2.  John and Chellie were in town with baby Stephanie for four days and we have a wonderful visit.  They came to help Rob clean and paint his house, and I got to watch Stephanie for three days and it was great.  She is adorable.

3.  Amy and Dave had us all over for Imo's on Sunday evening.  All of our family loves Imo's so when anyone comes in town we have to have an Imo's night.

4.  On Monday, Labor Day, we had everyone over to our house for a barbeque.  I barbequed pork steaks and burgers, made potato salad and deviled eggs, baked beans and brownies, and Amy brough a salad.  Our in-town kids and grandkids came, and RW's brother and sister-in-law came too.  They don't have children or grand children so they enjoy seeing ours.

5.  I'm getting my mirror fixed today.  It kind of seems like a miracle that the gal admitted fault and found a place for me to take my car and is paying for it.  Since I didn't get her license plate number or anything but a phone number, I thought she would blow me off.  Sometimes people surprise me.  Update...I went to get it fixed after work and the guy ordered the driver's side mirror instead of the passenger side one.  He'll get it in next week.  He said he'll clean my car inside and out since he screwed up.  Sounds like a good deal to me.

6.  We've been watching the Democratic National Convention this week and it's been really good.  Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton spoke and both gave great speeches.  I kind of wish Michelle or Hillary Clinton would run for president.  They both have so much going for them.

7.  RW's surgery on his left eye went well.  He is able to see more and more every day.  He will have the surgery on the right eye next Thursday.  Hopefully he'll be able to see well enough that he won't need to wear glasses except for reading.  He's really gone down hill since turning sixty--first hearing aids, then a C-pack he has to wear at night for sleep apnea, now cataracts.  

8.  All of the grand kids are now back in school.  Our in-town grands went back three weeks ago, but our Boston grands just went back this week.  Jack started Tuesday and Corinne on Thursday.  Corinne is going to a new school, so I'm hoping she'll like it. 

9.  I've really gotten into Pinterest.  Everytime someone pins something on my boards I get an e-mail.  Now I go to that person's boards and pin like crazy.  Usually I can find plenty to like.  I guess there are worse habits.

10.  Three mornings this week on the way to work this guy passed me in a beige SUV, going about 80 or 90 miles an hour.  This morning I was thinking to myself, why don't people like that get caught.  Just then a police car pulled out and followed him, turning on his lights after a few seconds.  I guess there is some justice after all.

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