Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Since I only posted pictures last Tuesday, I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.  Our Cincinnati trip was great.  All of our family was there except for our youngest son who lives in NYC.  The grand kids had a great time seeing each other again; they usually only see one another on vacation in May and at Christmas or Thanksgiving, depending when our Boston grand kids are in town.  My son and his wife in Cincinnati had the whole weekend planned out, so there was lots of together time and swimming at the hotel for the kids. 

2.  I'm leaving for Boston tomorrow morning.  My niece is getting married in Marble Head on Saturday, so I'm going up a few days early to hang out with my Boston grandkids.

3.  I get back in town Monday night, and we are hosting our neighborhood 4th of July breakfast on Wednesday.  We basically just have to have tables, chairs, coffee, juice and a couple of egg casseroles.  Everyone else brings dishes.  We have lived in this house for 15 years, and every 4th the neighbors celebrate all day--breakfast together, the Webster Parade at 10, lunch at 1, Amelia Ave. parade and photo op after lunch, games at one house in the afternoon, pot luck supper at 5, talent show at 6 and Webster fireworks at 9.  We have lots of new, young neighbors, so we offered to host the breakfast to meet them.  Our in-town kids usually come for the potluck dinner, and maybe will come for the breakfast since we are hosting.

4. I didn't go to garage sales week before last because of being out of town, but this past Saturday I hit a really good one.  A lady used to have a children's shop and was selling lots of her samples, lots of christening gowns, and things like fabric, ribbon, embroidery blanks and some little dresses that can be monogrammed.  I bought a lot of bibs, ribbon and fabric, and a few little dresses for Stephanie for next year.  I also hit a sale where they had lots of children's books, so I bought about 30.  The good thing was the mother and daughter were recommending them to me, which were good and for what age, so I think I got some good ones.  With all of the grand kids, someone should be able to use them.

5.  Three of my grandkids birthdays are in July, and two in August.  I usually shop way ahead of time, but with going out of town a couple of times I haven't done much.  We did find a doll house on Craig's list last week and go look at it for Sara, whose birthday is the first, but it wasn't in very good condition.  Luckily we didn't buy it, because my daughter said no more doll houses.  They don't have room.  We bought Katie a big one for her birthday in December, and Sara told me she really wanted her own.  However, I have to listen to their mother so I bought Sara an aquarium and will get fish to go in it.  Jack's birthday is the third, but I might just take him shopping when I get to Boston and let him pick something out.  It's hard to know what toys they already have since I'm not there that often.  And Corinne's is the 29th, but I'm making something for her when I get back from traveling.

6.  My husband went to the doctor last week for his regular check up, and the dr. said he was pre-diabetic and had gained 15 pounds in the past year.  He came home and decided to cut out the junk food and eating between meals, and in a week he lost 7 pounds.  I cannot believe it.  It takes me six months to lose that much weight.  I might just have to cook some fattening stuff so he doesn't lost it so fast.

7.  I thought about writing about Jerry Sandusky last week, because I was so outraged that they were saying he might go free.  When I learned he was found guilty on 45 of 48 charges, I was relieved.  I do not understand how so many people knew what he was doing and looked the other way.  I also do not understand why we have so many perverts around, either.

8.  I went to my cardiologist yesterday and got a good report.  He said my heart problems have not worstened so I don't need the surgery yet.  He said I could go another twenty years with aortic stenosis, or I could need surgery next week.  I'll opt for the 20 years.  I noticed, though, doctors all call me Mrs. McLellan now instead of Margaret; I guess because I'm older than all of them.

9.  I was also so upset over Karen Klein, a grandmother in her sixties, being bullied on the school bus last week.  I cannot believe children would talk to an adult that way.  I know we were never allowed to show disrespect to adults when I was growing up, and I do not think my own children would ever do something like that.  I just don't understand how children have so little respect for adults.  It's bad enough bullying other children, but a grandmother?

10.  I saw on Yahoo this morning that John Edwards and Rielle Hunter broke up last week after the release of her "tell all" book.  She was severely criticized for having the affair with Edwards when everyone knew his wife was dying of cancer.  She says she was judged harshly, and if we want the truth we will read her book.  One of the comments on Yahoo was, "NO we do not need to read the book. We know she went after John, though it doesn't take away his guilt.  We do not need to know what a woman who has done what she has done, has to say about anything. And to talk bad about Elizabeth, makes her the worse trash ever."  I couldn't agree more. 

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  1. Happy Pink. I love the idea of a neighborhood 4th party. What a great way to celebrate and enjoy the families around you.