Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ten onTuesday

1.  I hit some great garage sales on Saturday, and got almost everything I was looking for plus some things I wasn't looking for.  I got two sets of white shelves for my sewing room which I'm still working on.  From that sale I also got a whole box of Harry Potter Legos for $5, (no pictures of these two things because my sewing room is still a mess and will take pictures if I ever get it organized, and granddaughter Katie already took the Legos home).

I also go two set of childrens' golf clubs and bags, for my Boston grandkids because they are going to take golf lessons this summer.

And I got a Bumbo for my Ohio grandbaby, which I had been looking for the past couple of weeks.

From another sale I got a crystal decanter, and a small end table which I had been looking for all spring.  We bought a couch from Craigslist this spring and the old end table was too wide to fit, so I had to find one which measured under 20 inches wide.  The crazy thing was the decanter and table each cost $10.  The gal gave me some long story about how the decanter was over 75 years old because it had been her grandmother's so that's why she wanted $10.  I didn't care how much it was--I have some other crystal stuff on my hutch cabinet and needed something tall to fit in.  And I think I got a great deal on the end table.

2. I finally finished all of the burp cloths I was working on.  Now I'm working on the christening gown.  Pictures next week.

3.  My daughter Kate turned 40 on Friday.  When I asked her what I could get her, she said all she wanted for her birthday was a divorce, but I couldn't give that to her so I got her an Ann Taylor gift certificate.  She's been trying to get divorced for two and a half years and it's been hell for her.
4. I went to lunch Friday with some friends from work.  One had move to Texas in April and came back to St. Louis for a wedding.  We sat and talked in the restaurant for three hours--it was a great afternoon.  Mostly we were complaining about our husbands who are all retired and decided we'd all keep the ones we have, though we'd like to take the positive from each one and make a perfect man.  It's kind of funny that all of the wives work part time just to get out of the house and see other women.

5.  Saturday we went to Wayne's brother Jeff's and his wife Judith's for dinner.  He is a great cook.  He made barbequed ribs and potato salad.  I made lemon bars for dessert which they raved about, but they're really easy to make.

6.  The Cardinals are in a slump.  They lost four out of five games to the Mets.  I sure hope they pick it up soon.

7.  One of my favorite blogs to read is The Bearded Iris.  It can be "R" rated at times, but it's just hysterical.  The gal is a great writer.  Last week she and her husband were taking a ride in the country and took a picture of a young mother cutting her grass on a tractor holding a tiny baby.  She thought it was really cool, but apparently lots of people blasted her saying how dangerous it was.  She finally decided to close the comment section of her blog.  I don't understand why people think they have to give their opinions when they aren't asked--or why they even read blogs they don't like.  She was pretty hurt by all the negativity.  If you get a chance, google her and check out her blog.  It is really funny.

8.  Since I took off Friday to go to lunch with friends and get some stuff done, I had another three-day weekend.  I think I'll do it again this weekend.  I have plenty of vacation time and personal days accumulated and it's pretty slow in the summer, so I may as well enjoy myself.

9. I am so excited about my embroidery patterns.  It's a very long and complicated story, but I have two embroidery machines and each has a different system to download the patterns from the computer.  However, since I got a new computer in September I have not been able to use any of my designs saved on my computers for either machine.  So I copied them onto a thumb drive and put them on my lap top I use with my sewing machine, and all of the sudden I was able to access all of them on that computer, combining the two programs so I can use any of them on my newer machine.  I know that sounds confusing, and it is, but I now have over 5,000 designs whereas I've only had a couple of hundred since September.

10.  There was a neat article in this past weekend's newspaper.  There is this high school for troubled kids, those who have dropped out of traditional schools or are homeless, and someone from St. Louis came forward and donated enough money to send all of them to college for four years--any school of their choice.  There were about 24 students who graduated, but none of them had any means to go to college, so they found out at graduation that their tuition would be paid.  Whoever donated wanted to remain anonymous.  Isn't that great--there still are some good people in this world.

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