Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1.  I finally went to Cardinals game Saturday and rode the Metro Link.  We won the game, and it was an interesting experience (you can read about it in my previous post if interested--haha).

2.  We had a fancy aunt lunch Saturday for my little sister, Patty.  I don't know how old she is, probably about 55.  Mostly we talked about my niece in Boston's upcoming wedding, where we were going to stay, the different events associated with the wedding, what we were going to wear...

3.  I had another good day at garage sales on Saturday.  I got lots of kids clothes, some vases since our garden is so prolific this year and I'm taking flowers places and not getting the vases back, a cute pitcher and platter with bunnies painted on them (I'm crazy about bunnies--decorative ones, not the ones that eat my flowers), four frames Beatrix Potter prints, doll house furniture, about thirty pieces new in the packages--I'm going to get a doll house for granddaughter Sara who's birthday is July 1, a couple of American Girl puzzles with picture frames, and my big find was a Jumparoo for baby Stephanie:

4.  We're going to Cincinnati this weekend for Stephanie's christening, which I've talked about quite a bit on this blog.  It will be lots of fun because all of our family will be there except our youngest son who lives in New York and can't afford it.  We're all staying at the same hotel so it will be fun for all of the kids.  I'm really getting anxious to see Stephanie again.

5.  I'm almost finished with the christening gown and very pleased with it.  I'll probably finish it this evening and take pictures and do a post on it tomorrow.  I'm smocking a bonnet now, which I can do while I sit and watch T.V., either Cardinal games or HGTV.

6.  I got another new embroidery card on E-Bay, which has over 5,000 designs, by Brother.  The only problem is finding the pattern I want since I just have the names of the categories, but each one has 20 or 30 individual designs.  I already had a Brother card with 65 categories, but this one has those 65, plus 35 Disney categories and 330 other miscellaneous ones.  I'm sure these are illegal, since Brother's individual cards cost about fifty to sixty dollars a piece, and I only paid $15 for it.

7.  We talked to retirement specialist last week about my retirement, and I'm in a lot better shape than I thought.  I'll have fourteen years in January, but I can buy years to add to my retirement.  I can use my annuity to do that, and I'll get more per month and earn more interest on my retirement account than I've been earning on my annuity anyway.  I also found out I will get a little social security.  I am in the Missouri Public School Retirement system, and we do not pay social security.  I was told that once we got into their retirement system we would have to forfeit social security, but the guy told me I will get a small amount, like a couple hundred a month.

8.  I realized recently I have not been posting my monthly goals for two or three months.  I have not lost any weight so there's not much to post in that area.  And I have been posting regularly, another of my goals. 

9.  I had a crazy thing happen with my Visa Card last week.  When I went to pay the bill I had a charge for $40.60 from a company in Blue Ash, Ohio.  That is where we are staying this weekend when we go to Cincinnati, and it was charged on the day I made reservations, so I figured it was from the hotel.  I call the hotel and they said they had not charged us anything, so I called Visa and asked them to look into it.  I was sure someone had used my credit card.  Then I googled the name on the Visa bill, and it was a company that owned Sew Beautiful, a place where I had bought the lace for Stephanie's gown.  The store is located in Huntsville, AL, but apparently they bill out of Blue Ash, OH.  What a coincidence!

10.  I'm trying to make all of my doctor appointments this summer to get everything taken care of before I retire.  I saw my primary care and my pulmonoligist a couple of weeks ago, and I have appointments with my cardiologist and gynecologist within the next couple of weeks.  I have to call my dentist back and also set up my colonoscopy, the worst of all.  I sure wish I wouldn't have smoked all of those years, but I'm lucky to have good insurance to see all of these doctors.

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