Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cardinal's Game

Well, I finally went to a Cardinal's game in the new stadium.  I say new, but it's seven or eight years old so it's not really new, just new to me.  I went with my husband and his brother, and we took the Metro Link downtown.  Now I can check those two things off my bucket list.  

The Cards won, 2-0, so that was good.  The atmosphere at the park has changed quite a bit since I was last there--lots more bells and whistles.  In fact, it was hard to watch the game.  There are cheerleaders, or maybe they're not cheerleaders but cute young girls dressed in short shorts and tight Cardinal tee shirts, who bring little kids on the field before the game, run all around between innings, and shoot tee shirts up into the stands every couple of innings.  We didn't even sing the national anthem before the game, which I thought was really strange, but there was constant loud music throughout the game giving it an M-TV atmosphere.  There were three twenty-something couples in front of us, and the gals were taking pictures of one another, laughing, talking, drinking beer and texting throughout the whole game, making it difficult to watch the game which they never even attempted to do.  There was a couple sitting next to me who brought all of their own food.  They started with a baggy containing a sandwich labeled "cheese" then pulled out baggies with "turkey," "tomatoes" and "lettuce."  They made their sandwiches and ate them with Doritos, then the guy proceeded to loudly lick all of his fingers.  During the seventh-inning stretch time he scratched his butt the whole time.  I kept trying not to look that way, but that was not easy to do because I had to look to see the game.  

The rides to and from on the Metrolink were good.  We had to wait about fifteen or twenty minutes for the train on the way down, but the ride was comfortable and delivered us right across from the stadium.  My husband and brother kept warning me that we would probably have to wait for two or three trains before we would get one on the way home, because so many people were trying to get on.  As soon as the game was over, we rushed right out toward the station.  My B.I.L. saw a Shrewsbury train pulling in to the station, so we ran down the ramp.  I don't think I've run in ten years or so.  We hopped on the train and even managed to get seats.  A young mother and her little three-year old daughter were sitting in front of us, so I talked to her all the way home.  Her mother kept telling her not to bother us, but I enjoyed her conversation.  That was a pleasant ride.  

Then we went to Imo's for pizza, which was delicious as usual.  All in all, I'm glad I finally went to the new stadium and rode the Metro Link, but I'm fine with watching the games at home in the air conditioning with instant replay and snacks available.  I'm really getting old.

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