Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pure Michigan

We went to Saugatuck, MI, last week with some of my family.  We stayed in a small condo right on Water Street, the main road.  Three of my sisters stayed in houses in town and two stayed out about a mile in a half at Goshorn Lake.  All together, there were 32 Noelkers at one time.  On Tuesday, one of my cousins, Prudy, came to visit--she lives in Lansing.  On Wednesday we celebrated my niece, Cece's, thirteenth birthday. And on Thursday my brother Frank, his wife Laurie, and a friend visited.  They were going to stay with some friend in Northern Michigan, so they came a few days early to see family.  While there we took a tour on the Star of Saugatuck, a paddle boat that went out into Lake Michigan, and on a dune-buggy ride through the dunes.  We also went up to Holland on Wednesday for the farmer's market and to walk around downtown Holland. Wayne and I left on Friday morning, but some stayed until Saturday and Sunday.  Here are some (lots of) pictures:

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