Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cincinnati 4th of July in Pictures

We went to Cincinnati last Thursday and stayed until Monday.  It was a great visit--lots of time with the babies and lots of good food.  We realize that whenever we get together with our kids, here at home or there, our activities revolve around food.  No wonder we all fight weight problems.  We started by going to the Madeira 4th of July parade with the kids where they got lots of candy.

Then on Friday we went to a barbeque at John's workplace.  I had never seen where he worked, and we drove by Chellie's office as well.

On Saturday we went to the Cincinnati Zoo, and that evening we went to dinner at the Greyhound Tavern in Northern Kentucky with friends Bill and Polly.  Then we came back to the house and Stephanie and I decorated cupcakes.

And on Sunday we took it easy at the house.

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