Friday, July 18, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  Had a great time at garage sales on Saturday.  I found a really cute wooden tray with mosaic insert for $2 and a serving tray for the kitchen that matches some bowls I had for $5, a crystal tray set for my dresser new in the box for $5, clothes for Patrick--four shirts and two paid of jeans for $1 each, clothes for Stephanie 3 Gymboree outfits and three dresses for $5, a puzzle and some books for $1 each, two pictures for our bedroom for $1 each, a cloth Santa for $4 and two Mary Englebreit ornaments for 25 cents each.

2.  Watched Rob's girls on Tuesday and Abbey suggested we go to Grant's Farm, so I called Amy to see if her three wanted to go and they where already there with their nanny.  She told us about a new birdcage, with lots of parakeets that her kids loved, and that is where we found them.  They were so surprised to see us.

3.  After Grant's Farm we went to Steak n Shake for lunch.  That was on Tuesday, then I went to Steak n Shake on Wednesday for lunch and for dinner on Thursday.

4.  Wayne's sister, Gail, came to St. Louis on Tuesday and has been staying with us.  That is why we went to Steak n Shake on Wed. and Thurs.; she is from Seattle and they do not have them there.  She visited their mother a couple of times and shopped a lot.  She, Wayne and Jeff went to the History Museum yesterday to see the 250th anniversary exhibition.  I stayed home because I needed to get a haircut and go to the dollar store to snack up on snacks for our trip to Michigan.

5.  We leave Sunday for Michigan.  I am getting really excited about the trip.  Five of my sisters will be there with their families.  I think it gets cool in the evenings so I need to pack some winter clothes.

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