Friday, July 26, 2013

Road Trip

I'm packing my bags and driving to Cincinnati tomorrow morning.  I still do not have m y car back, so I rented one so I could get out of town and see the babies.  I am bringing my two nine year old granddaughters, Sara and Abbey, with me.  We'll probably stay until Wednesday.  I can't wait to see Stephanie and Julia (and Chellie and John, too!

Wayne redid the wall around the new steps.

They put up the gutters and facia and the ceiling of the porch.
Our house is coming along nicely.  They are going to knock the walls out between the front hall and out new bedroom and in the kitchen.  We had to get everything out of the kitchen before I leave.  That was a job.  They did a lot of taping and putting the molding up this week, and we went and picked out the counters for the kitchen and top for the bathroom vanity.  I hope everything comes together the way I picture it.

My old assistant from work called today and told me she had met with the dean.  Her last day is next Friday, so she wanted to ask him who will take over and do the training and the start of the semester.  He told her he is going to call me and ask me to come back part time.  There is a rule with our retirement system that you cannot work for thirty days after you retire, volunteer or for pay.  I know Wayne doesn't want me to do it, but I'm kind of going crazy around here with no car and workers in our house all day, so if he calls I'll do it.  My job has been advertised, but the closing date is the end of July and the start date is the middle of October.  Kind of stupid, but that's how they do things there.  I am missing the people and have been worrying about who was going to train the leaders.

I better go pack for my trip.  Pictures to follow.

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