Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ordinary Days

This is my third week of retirement, and I can't think of much that I did.  I haven't had a car since the day before I retired.  There's a leak in the fuel line and it could take up to four months to get a new one.  Husband is sharing his car with me, but it's kind of like I'm in prison, not being able to take off whenever I want to.

Our house addition is really moving along.  Earlier this week we had like six trucks out in front, delivering dry wall, the plumber, the HVAC guy, the concrete truck pouring the sidewalk, then the two regular builders.   I was watching two granddaughters, so we took off and went shopping and out to lunch.  I watched my other three in-town grandkids Monday; I'm glad I can help the kids out but it is a bit confusing around here.

I'm renting a car next week and taking a road trip to Cincinnati.  Even if my car was running I would not take it on a road trip.  It's ten years old and like a big boat, and gets terrible gas mileage.  I'm bringing two granddaughters with me,  Sara and Abbey.  They are both nine and want to see the new baby.

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