Monday, April 8, 2013

The Church Garden

RW has been working the past few weeks at emptying out the side garden and taking down the fence.   We call it the church garden because there is a church right next door to us.  The builders are supposed to start on our addition by the end of this week.  I took a few pictures of how it looks now, compared to last year.

These pictures were taken in April of 2012:

Looking at the garden from the back porch of the house.

The back of our house; I can't believe how green the grass was.  RW really works at making our lawn look perfect.

From the back again

Looking from the front yard

The clematis and climbing hydrangea over the arbor (later in the spring)


Hydrangeas at the front of the garden

From the front yard

Later in the summer, the arbor and fence covered with climbing hydrangeas

These pictures of the side garden were taken two weeks ago, when we had 12 inches of snow on March 25th:

We had already moved the arbor to the back yard, but the fence was still up.

These pictures were taken this evening, April 8, 2013:

The fence is down and there's an orange, plastic construction fence, and the garden is full of holes from digging up so many of the flowers and bushes.  I still have to dig up a lot of day lilies, hostas and dames rockets, but the big stuff has been moved.

I'm already missing all of our flowers, but I know the new kitchen, bedroom and wrap-around porch will be really nice.  We moved a lot of the flowers to other flower beds, and started a new bed we are calling the "Children's Garden."  We're going to let the grand kids plant and tend that garden.  A couple were over yesterday putting little statues in it, bunnies, frogs and gnomes.  I want to keep a before and after record here to watch the progress.  I'll be posting pictures weekly once they get started, if they ever do get started.

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