Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Having a hard time coming up with ten on Tuesday these days.  I like to keep a record of what's going on in my life and with my family, but I find I'm not writing much during the week now, saving everything until Tuesday.  Also, my ten things can be pretty boring.

2. I was glad to hear of the Penn State Sanctions due to Sandusky.  They have been fined 60 million dollars to help abused children, lose their football victories for the past 12 years. Paterno's statue was removed, amongst others things.  They a bishop from Pennsylvania, I think, was sentenced to six years in jail for moving pedophile priests from one parish to another.  Maybe people will start reporting thses creeps rather than turning the other cheek.

3.  The Batman massacre last Friday morning was shocking.  They keep showing the guy on T.V.; I wish we did not even have to look at him.  It is kind of odd that Colorado seems to have its share of tragedies--Jon Benet Ramsey was murdered, and the killer never found in Boulder, there was the horrible massacre at Littleton and now the killings in Aurora.  My niece and her husband live in Aurora, but they are fine, just sad about the killings.

4.  It is still over 100 every day here, I think for two weeks now.  Our flowers burning up.  We got our electric bill yesterday and it was over $300.  I hate to see what our water bill will be.

5.  We are going to Cincinnati Friday, just for the weekend, to see baby Stephanie.  We got pictures last week and I couldn't stand not seeing her any longer.  I must admit I have seen her almost every month--went in Jan. when she was born;  in March for spring break; they came to St. Louis for Easter; we were together at Gulf Shores in May and all together in Cincinnati in June for her christening.  She changes so much every day, so we have to visit her often.  Loads of pictures to follow.

6.  My older daughter who lives here in St. Louis goes to the New Jersey beach every year the first week in August for her husband's family vacation.  They are leaving Saturday, but found out yesterday her mother in law had intestinal blockage and had to have surgery.  She will be in the hospital 5 to 7 days.  Everyone will still go to the beach, but I feel terrible for her because I know how she plans the whole vacation and looks forward to it all year, like we do with our family in May.

7.  I'm still working on Corinne's b-day present, my Boston granddaughter.  Her birthday is Sunday, but they are going out to the Cape for a long weekend.  Some good friends of my daughter have a house on the Cape next door to a house owned by Ally Raisman's family, one of our olympic gymnists.  They are going to have an big party to celebrate the start of the olympics, though Ally is in London.  Hopefully she will win some medals.

8.  Speaking of Olympics, we are really looking forward to them for the next three weeks.  It's so cool how names we've never heard become household names after a week or two.  Looks like USA has quite a few good athletes and is predicted to win quite a few medals.

9.  I stopped at Great Clips on the way home for work and got a haircut.  About half way through the gal said, "Man, you've sure got a lot of hair."  I apologized.  They always tell me that; maybe I'm supposed to pay double since I have so much hair.

10. Well, it's Wednesday now and I still cannot think of a number ten to write about.  My life is pretty dull, but I kind of like dull.

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