Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  One of the fish I gave Sara for her birthday had a baby.  Katie looked gestation period for Mollies up on the internet, and it is 30 days, so it must have been pregnant when we bought it.  The mystery to them is why she only had one baby, when they are supposed to have 15 to 20 at a time.  I started to tell them the Mollies probably ate the other ones,  but Amy motioned to me not to say anything.

2.  I'm not doing to well with my iphone.  People keep saying just to play around with it, but I keep getting stuck and put it away.

3.  My assistant, who is from Romania, got her green card last week.  She won the lottery from her country, so she didn't have to marry an American to get it.  She wouldn't have done that anyway.  She is in the nursing program here at Meramec and will graduate next May.  She is thrilled to have her green card and will hopefully be able to bring her son here from Romania when she graduates and gets a full-time job.

4.  We are really having a drought here in St. Louis.  The temperatures were over 100 for ten days straight and then in the 90's last week.  Today it is supposed to get over 100 again.  My car has a thermometer, and when I got in one day last week the temperature was 115.  It's usually over 90 in the summer, but during the heat spells it is over 100.  We finally had some rain one evening for about half an hour.  I hate to see our water bill this time.

5.  Garage sales were a bit better this past Saturday.  I found some brand new Sperry penny loafers for Jack; I called Kate from the sale to see if I should buy them and they were just the right size.  She always buys him penny loafers for dress shoes and usually pays $50 to $60.  I got them for $10 so I felt pretty good about it.  I also got some cute outfits for baby Stephanie.  The garage sale had some really nice stuff, but the sign said $5 a piece.  I didn't think that was bad for some of the smocked clothing, and most were good brands, so I asked the gal if everything was really $5.  She told me to pick out some things and she'd give me a deal.  So I found four things, two summer rompers, a onesie and a cute top for Christmas.  She told me I had expensive taste, because they were all really good brands, and I told her that her prices were too high for garage sales.  She could have made a lot of money on E-Bay, but people don't go to garage sales wanting to pay $5 for a onesie.   So she told me I could have the four items for $15.  That was a good deal because they were pretty cute.  I also got a few books and a couple of khaki skirts for Erin for her uniform for kindegarten at another sale.

6.  When I got home Rob had called and asked me to look for shorts for Erin.  So I had to go to the thrift store later Saturday and got her a bunch of shorts and some Polo Jeans for Abbey.  I also got a few things for the baby.

7.  The Cardinals were swept by Cincinnati this past weekend.  That was pretty disappointming.  My son lives in Cincinnati and was at Friday night's game, but I'm pretty sure he is still a Cardinal's fan.  They finally won a game last night against Milwaukee.  They were losing the whole game but got three runs in the bottom of the ninth to pull it out.  Hopefully they will turn things around now.

8.  My husband and his brother went out to see their mother on Sunday and talk to her about his brother taking over her checking account and paying her bills for her (I wrote about her last week).  She really likes to have cash around and to have access to a checking account, so they are opening an account for her at Friendship Village where they have a small bank.  That way she can cash checks when she needs cash.  We aren't too sure what she needs the cash for, but she always has $200 to $300 in her purse, and holds on to her purse very tightly.  I guess it gives her a feeling of control over her money.  She was agreeable on Sunday, but we don't know how she will be from day to day.

9.  My old dean was back last week and I talked to him on Friday.  He is now on vacation for two weeks, but hopefully things will get better now that he is back.  I still haven't heard back from the retirement guy we talked to last month.

10.  I've lost two pounds.  I figure if I write it here I have to keep working on it instead of feeling like I deserve to let up on it.  I have a tendency to reward myself when I lose a little weight.

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