Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Went back to work on Thursday, after my Boston trip and the fourth of July, and my old dean was back.  I was never so happy to see him.  I wanted to hug him but thought that would be inappropriate.  Our temporary dean is gone and no one knows where she is.

2.  We held our neighborhood July 4 breakfast, and it was very hot.  It was so hot and dry in St. Louis that they cancelled the neighborhood fireworks.  People came and ate but didn't stay too long due to the heat.

3. We participated in the pot luck dinner and talent show in the evening.  Three of my grand kids participated; Katie sang, Sara played the violin and Michael played the harmonica.

4.  Sara got her aquarium all set up and I took them to get fish Friday afternoon.  She picked out three, which took quite a while, and Michael and I walked around the pet store.  He desperately wanted a pet.  He had a hermit crab from Gulf Shores which died after a couple of weeks (he never fed it or gave it water), so he did not want another crab.  He loved the hamsters and gerbils, but after looking at them for about two minutes he began scratching himself all over.  He has allergies to just about everything, and I knew he could not have a hamster.  We walked back to see if the girls had picked their fish, and he hung his head and said he was just going to be sad the rest of the day.   On the way out I spotted Betas in some little containers, so I asked him if he wanted one and he was thrilled.  Katie was quite worried about what her mother would say--she kept telling me to call her mother and ask if it was okay.  I finally told her not to worry; I'm her mother's mother and I decided it was okay.   On the way home Michael was trying to think of a name, a boy's name of course, and we pointed out that the container said it was a female.  He decided to pretend it was a boy.

5.  The heat finally broke this weekend and we had rain Sunday night, probably the first time in about three weeks.  It was still in the 90's, but compared to over 100 for a week straight it was a cool front.  I think ten people have died from the heat in St. Louis so far.  That is sad.

6.  I'm working on a birthdaygift for my grand daughter, Corinne.  Her birthday is July 29.   I can't say what it is in case her mother reads this blog, though I don't think she does.  I want it to be a surprise.  It's really cool.

7.  I went to about six garage sales on Saturday and didn't find a thing.  Nada.  Very disappointing after being gone the previous week.  I did stop by a local thrift store and found a cute little platter, more like a piece of pottery, blue with sunflowers.  I should have taken a picture, but I'm at work.  I'll add one later.

8.  I got an IPhone this past weekend.  I decided to come out of the dark ages.  The poor guy I bought it from had to spend a long time showing me how to use it, and I still can't figure it out.  Just putting my e-mail in took about ten minutes because I kept hitting the wrong letters.  I've never texted.  I told him my fingers are too fat, but he said I'd catch on.   I'm going to bring it to work and ask my co-workers to help me. 

9.  After the fourth and my vacations, I've decided I'm getting back on a diet, or I should say watching what I eat.  I really need to lose 25 more lbs. and haven't lost any weight this year.  I did gain a few pounds but have gotten those off.  My biggest problem is ice cream, and eating in the evenings.  I haven't bought any ice cream for about three weeks and am really missing it.

10.  Work if very slow.  I sent out recruiting letters last Friday and am starting to get leaders lined up for the fall semester.  I have to limit it to forty leaders because I've gone over my budget the past couple of years.  I really wish I didn't have to work in the summer, like a teacher, because it is so boring.  Oh well, another year and I'll be retired, hopefully, so this will be my last boring summer.

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