Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten onTuesday

1.  I finally went to the doctor after coughing for two weeks and I'm home today with bronchitis.  Got two prescriptions so hopefully I will stop coughing soon.
2.  While waiting at a stop sign this morning twelve cars got off the highway and made a left turn in front of me, and every driver was on the phone.  I sure wish they would make phones illegal while driving, not just texting.  When we drove to and from vacation a couple of weeks ago we could always tell when someone ahead of us was on the phone--they were usually weaving and going ten to twenty miles under the speed limit.
3.  I started on the christening gown for baby Stephanie this week and I think it will be beautiful.  It's a silk batiste and I'm doing the smocking now and will do some embroidery and tucks on the skirt.  I also ordered fifteen yards of french lace on-line and am waiting for that to arrive.  Not sure how I'll integrate it.
4.  Granddaughter Sara had her violin recital this past Sunday and was so cute.
5.  Our hydrangeas bloomed and they are gorgeous.  I can't believe I get so excited about flowers these days.  I'll post some pictures later this week.
6.  I went to garage sales Saturday but didn't fine much, some kids' books and some garden decorations.  I missed the previous two Saturdays because of vacation, so I've only been a few times this year.  My husband is happy because he hates it when I bring home more stuff.
7.  Baby Stephanie has another tooth.  I can't believe she already has three teeth and will only be four months old tomorrow.
8.  I was supposed to have my yearly evaluation this afternoon with the dean, but I'm home sick.  Too bad, so sad.
9.  We're getting Joe's teeth cleaned tomorrow.  They have to put him out to do it.  We had our last greyhound, Buck's teeth cleaned last year and he died three months later of bone cancer.  It cost $400, so I hope Joe stays around longer than Buck did.
10.  Looking forward to a three-day holiday weekend.

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