Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It's been a pretty quiet week.  We had a three-day weekend due to Memorial Day and stuck close to home and watched the Cardinals play.  My daughter and her family came by to visit on Sunday, but otherwise we had no company.
Sara having some chocolate milk--which they ask for as soon as they come over.
S.I.L. Dave playing with his phone and Michael eating Doritos and watching TV.

2.  I did a little better at garage sales on Saturday.  I got a really nice table cloth that was brand new and looks similar to the William Sonoma ones I have.  It was $4.  I also got two nutcrackers; I collect them and have about 75 so there aren't many I don't have.
$4 tablecloth from garage sale
William Sonoma tablecloth given to me by my sister for my birthday last year (probably $40.)
3.  We were going to go to the Cardinal's game Saturday evening, but decided against it because it was over 95 degrees.  They ended up losing, so I'm really glad we didn't go.  I have never been in the new stadium, though it's been here for six years.  I've never ridden the Metro Link either, so we were going to ride it downtown to the game.  We'll get there sometime this summer.

4.  I started using my new camera this past weekend.  It has a zoom lens and different settings, so it will take me a bit to get used to it.  I've been using a Nikon Cool Pix for years but the pictures were pretty hit or miss--some were clear and others blurred.

5.  It's been over 90 degrees for the past few days so we've been watering lawns and gardens constantly.  It's hard to believe it is still May, seems like July or August.  All of the pools around St. Louis opened this holiday weekend.

6.  We got Joe's teeth cleaned and a small cyst drained on his neck to the tune of $600.   They should have insurance on dogs like they do on kids--or we should be able to put Joe on our medical insurance.

7.  I'm still smocking on the christening gown; I'm about 3/4 finished.   The lace I ordered from Martha Pullen came, so I'm getting anxious to finish the smocking and start embroidering and sewing it.

8.  I've been making burp cloths, four sets of four for friends of my daughter and sons who had new babies (sixteen all together.)  I use cloth diapers and monogram the baby's name then decorate them with ribbon.  I'll take some pictures when I get this batch done.
Some burp cloths I did a couple of months ago for a friend of my little sister's.  The baby's name is Libby and so is my little sister's.

9.  I cooked and we ate all weekend.  Saturday I made a big pot of ham and bean soup and Sunday I barbequed pork steaks and chicken breasts and made a pasta salad.   Monday I bought a waffle iron, because we had one on vacation and the waffles were so good, so I made waffles.  It's a good thing I'm back at work today.

10.  Can't think of anything else happening around here.  Maybe I'll change to 5 on Tuesday?

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