Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome Spring!

Just in the past two weeks our yard has started to explode with color.  This is the front yard, with a Magnolia Tulip on the left, a Redbud and a Dogwood.
A pink Bleeding Heart
A white Bleeding Heart
Large white Lilac, next to back porch
This is Creeping Flox is next to our driveway, and the green is the start of Hollyhocks--they grew there last year, as well, right through the stone wall.
This is our newest addition--last year we planted this Weeping Cherry tree
Close-up of Weeping Cherry
This is a Tulip Magnolia in our front yard--it is just about to lose all of its flowers since it bloomed a few weeks ago
A close-up of the Dogwood and Redbud
Red and white Tulips
White and red Tulips
Violet-colored Tulips

A pink Tulip with Climbing Hydrangea in the background
R.W. cleaning off the gate
The first blooms of our Azaleas
A neighbor's cat that loves to sit in our birdbath or under our porch and tease our dog, Joe.

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  1. Gorgeous! Thank you for linking up to Color Connection, hope to see you again next week..

    Rose, Ms. Burrito's Mom