Sunday, March 4, 2012


Lots of blogs have lists periodically, such as 25 things about me, 25 things I hate, 25 New Year's resolutions...  I recently saw a you tube video of a young guy listing the twenty five things he hates about Facebook.  I must admit I was agreeing with some of them, but when he said old people, like grandparents, should not be on there, I took offense.  He went as far as to say there ought to be an age limit.  
I, personally, can think of quite a few things I hate about young people on Facebook.  
  • First, is people who continually take pictures of themselves in the mirror and post them (though I must admit it is even more offensive when older people do this). 
  •  Then there are the young people who have to tell you everything they ate that day--some even including pictures of the food.  
  • And the young people constantly updating their status; like do we really care that you ran five miles and did fifty pushups?  
  • On the other hand, there are those whose status say it is the worst day of their lives, then fail to tell us why. 
  •  Then there are the drunk alogs.  How much partying must we hear about, or how drunk you were that you could barely get up to go to work the next day?   And do we really need to know that you can't wait to get home and have that glass of wine?  
  • And what about those who have 950 friends; now come on, do you really have 950 friends who you want to keep in touch with?  Or is it like a contest--see who has the most friends.

Personally, I have a Facebook account and I love it.  I also happen to be a grandparent, and I am over fifty--oh yeah, I'm even over sixty.  But I love hearing from my own children, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and cousins I haven't kept in touch with.  I love seeing what they are doing, and seeing pictures of my out-of-town grandkids and other relatives.  I also post pictures myself, because it's so much easier to post on Facebook than to reduce pictures and send with an e-mail.  I also love keeping in touch with my former students from all over the place, and even though they are young, I enjoy seeing their statuses.  If it weren't for Facebook, I would never sit down and drop them a line, and I'm sure they would not do the same for me.  
I don't put my maiden name or high school, because I really don't care about how many friends I have and can't think of anyone from so many years ago I need to keep in touch with.  I'm happy with my friends I have.
And since I need a picture with every post, here's one of my first seven grand kids, since I seem to be putting only pictures of our newest lately.
 2011 Vacation in Gulf Shores, AL--                                                  Erin, Sara, Abbey, Corinne, Jack, Michael and Katie.

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