Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Goals

Well, February is gone and I'm looking at my goals.   
  • lose 2 pounds--I lost two pounds but gained them back (my birthday was in Feb.).
  • clean my sewing room--I cleaned my sewing room somewhat, but I still need to get rid of a lot of material I'm never going to use (I can now get in the room to sew.  I took "before" pictures but can't take "after" pictures until I'm finished). 
  • go to bed before midnight--I did this most nights, but I still was unable to go to sleep before 1.
  • clean my office at work--I'm working on this one also.  I'm about half done.
  • get rid of six trash bags of clothes --Yay!  I did this.  I put eight bags out for a pickup last week.
  • start making granddaughters' Easter dresses --I did buy the material (one of my daughters does not want me to make her girls' dresses, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do). 
  • blog at least twice a week--I'm pretty sure I made this goal.

So, my March goals are the same as my February goals, which weren't a huge success.  I seem to be good at starting stuff but not finishing it.  My March goals are to finish my February goals.  That didn't take too much thinking!  I can't decide, though, whether I need to lose 2 pounds or 4 pounds???

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