Saturday, August 2, 2014

Five on Friday

1. We had a nice quiet week, it's good to be home for awhile.  We don't have any more vacations scheduled, though I'm sure we'll go to Cincinnati sometime this fall and I'll probably go to Boston.

2.  Corinne turned 11 on Tuesday.  For her birthday she wanted to redo her bedroom, so Kate got her a comforter and shams from Pottery Barn Teen.  She asked me to make her some throw pillows to go in her new room.  She is painting the walls navy with white woodwork, and the comforter is navy with big white floral type designs.  Here are the pillows I made for her:

They look pretty cute on my couch!

Abbey was here on Wednesday and helped me stuff them.  She said, "You really captured Corinne's style, Grandma.  She's going to love these."

3. I had a doctor's visit on Tuesday with my oncologist, and all was good.  I was worried because my left leg and ankle keep swelling, but he said it was due to lymph nodes being removed and the other ones not picking up the slack yet.  I have to go to him every three months for three years. I guess it will take awhile to get over the notion that every thing that happens is the cancer returning.

4. I'm going to start working part time at Meramec in MAC starting this month.  I'm starting to get bored at home, and it is still summer. I'm going to work Wednesday evenings and Friday days, and fill in when others are sick or on vacation.  I told the supervisor that I will need to take off a couple of Fridays when I go to visit my kids/grand kids, and she said that would be okay.  They really needed someone on Fridays.

5.  I went to visit Aunt Prudy with Lorie, Patty and Nan.  She is such a pleasant person--always upbeat.  Her memory seems to be slipping more, but she is much better than my mother in law who asks the same questions every five minutes.  Aunt Prudy was so appreciative of us coming.

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