Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Holidays

We celebrated grand daughter Katie's birthday on the 21st.  She's the one who made us grandparents.

Well, Christmas has come and gone and I just finally got all of our decorations put away.  We had a good Christmas; Patrick was here from New York and John and Chellie and the babies came from Cincinnati.  My daughter who lives in town had the family Christmas Eve, and Christmas day we went to one of my sister's houses for brunch.  We ended up having the family come to our house Christmas night.  There were probably about thirty people, but with the addition it didn't seem that crowded.

John and Chellie got up very early the next morning and went to Tampa, and Wayne and I watched the babies.  It was a lot of fun but kind of tiring.  I'm not as young as I used to be, haha.  They are having Julia Christened Feb. 9th, so we will go to Cincinnati for that and they will celebrate Stephanie's second birthday on Sat., Feb. 8th.  Her birthday is actually next week, the 23rd of January, but she is little enough that she won't really know the difference.

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