Friday, January 31, 2014

55 Days Until Spring

It's finally the last day of January, and only 55 days until spring.  I don't feel like I've accomplished much this month, except playing on the computer, reading Goldfinch, watching Girls, Downton AbbeyTrue Detective, HG TV, and going to doctors.  It has been so cold and snowy here, so I don't even like going out much.  We do go out to eat a couple of times a week but I haven't even gone to thrift stores much.  The one in our neighborhood closed a few weeks ago, and I used to go there every week when I went grocery shopping.  I like one in South County which takes about 25 minutes to get to, so I only go there every couple of weeks. 

I also have been doing some sewing and embroidering.  I am so anxious, though, to get outside and work in the yard.  We'll need to landscape the front yard since everything was torn up with our addition.  We'll probably just move some of the stuff we have in back, some hydrangeas and astilbe.  We did plant a couple hundred tulip bulbs this fall;  that should be so pretty in front of the new porch.  I also want to rearrange some of the flowers that I'll be able to see out of my new kitchen window.  I haven't had a kitchen window since we moved here, and now we have a nice big one so I can look out over the back yard.

Oh yeah, I also got finished cleaning out the basement.  It is so nice being able to walk around down there.  Next is the attic.  Ugh!  I guess I did something in January, but it was really my first month since retirement and I've never not worked, gone to school or raised kids.  I feel really unproductive.  Wayne is taking a history class three mornings a week, and I might do that in the fall.  I also might teach a class a couple of days a week.  I'll see how I feel once I get to work outside and don't feel so confined.

Tomorrow night we have an engagement party for my niece, and Sunday is grand daughter Abbey's tenth birthday.  I got her a new Kindle because hers quit working.  Then next weekend we are going to Cincinnati to celebrate Stephanie's birthday and for Julia's christening.  My birthday is that Monday, and one of my sisters is having a Fancy Aunt Lunch the next weekend for me, my youngest sister (who was born on Valentine's Day and a niece who's birthday is the day after mine.  February should be a bit more interesting.

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