Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer is Here!

Summer finally came; it's about 95 degrees today.  It's supposed to cool down a little for the weekend.  I was ready for summer.  We finally got to try out our new zoned air conditioning.  It works great.

Our house is moving right along.  The porch deck is built and they put the columns up this week.  They delivered the tresses yesterday and will bring in a crane tomorrow to lift the tresses.  We've been busy picking out sinks for the kitchen and island, and faucets, and a bath tub and sinks and faucets for the bathroom.   We're getting a free standing bath tub, so we need a tub filler which costs about $600.  Everything really adds up.  We've sticking with the white bead board cabinets in the kitchen and a cherry wood vanity in the bathroom.  I want it to coordinate with our bedroom furniture.  We got a really pretty set from my mother in law when she moved into a nursing home.

I only have twelve more days of work.  It's beginning to seem real.  Some of the teachers I have worked with have been coming by to say good bye.  I did not want a party, but word got around so I'm getting e-mails and well wishes.  There really are nice people there; it's just the administration who are turning the college into a business.  I'm meeting with the dean and my assistant and another person Monday to plan their takeover of my job.  I'm glad he's going to include my assistant; she knows the programs better than anyone.

R.W. painted the upstairs hallway and doors this week.  He had redone the bathroom and guest bedroom last year, but the hall looked awful, especially the door up to the playroom.  Once we move the furniture out of our bedroom, we want to rip up the carpeting upstairs.  Hopefully, the hardwood underneath will be decent.

Sara had her dance recital Sunday.  She only had one dance, which was number 10, and we all left after her dance.  I recorded her dance but it came out really blurry, and when I went to take her picture in her costume afterwards she had already changed into her regular clothes.  We all went to Fitzes for an early dinner.

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