Monday, June 3, 2013

Home again, home again (again)

We got home from Cincinnati on Sunday afternoon.  We had a great visit and it was so much fun playing with Stephanie and being with the new baby, Julia Grace.  I miss them already.

Our house is moving along quickly, especially since I was gone for ten days while they were working on it.  The walls are all up and the rooms are framed in.  Our front porch is completely gone and the house looks really weird.  I took pictures but I am at work and can't download them now.  Speaking of work, I have four weeks left,  June 28 will be my last day.  We have been really busy signing papers and getting our financial stuff in order.  We're working with a guy from the Missouri Public School Retirement System, and he is in the office with a financial advisor so they have helped us quite a bit.  I think we're okay financially.

The weather in St. Louis is still cool, but I think it is supposed to start warming up by this weekend.  It still feels like spring.  I think the grandkids are already swimming, but it's a little early.

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