Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Johnny on the Spot

Well, it's Wednesday and they have not broken ground yet.  We do have a Johnny on the spot that they delivered Monday.  Rain is predicted for tomorrow and Friday, so they don't want to pour concrete.  The HVAC man did come this morning and he is going to install the new air conditioning units and furnace for upstairs next week.  We will be leaving town on Saturday, and he assured us we would have air conditioning when we get back on the 19th.  

I spent all afternoon Sunday, into the evening, digging up flowers in the garden where the addition will be.  My sister in law came in town in the afternoon and my son and his girls came for dinner, then I went back out and continued digging.  My daughter and our other three in town grand kids came then and we filled bags with flowers for them to take home and plant.  My daughter got home and it was starting to get dark, so she opened the mini van and told her kids to hurry up and plant their flowers.  She got a knock on the door at about 9:30, from the police, telling her that all of the doors and the hatchback of her minivan were wide open and the lights were on in it.  Apparently, the kids got finished and just came in the house.

Yesterday was my mother in law's 92 birthday.  That is why my sister in law came in town.  She, my husband and his brother and his brother's wife went out there for lunch.  I didn't go because I was working.  She is very confused these days, but at least she is content and not complaining any longer.

We had a ceremony Monday for Outstanding Professional Award, and I finally won.  I think I have been nominated about seven or eight times, so I didn't think I would win.  But I did.  I was kind of shocked.

My two assistants, Liliana and Monica, who nominated me.
My best buddies from work (who are still at Meramec, since so many have left)

Speaking of Meramec, we've been in the news quite a bit lately.  Two weeks ago a students was accosted in the ladies room, and luckily she screamed and a teacher heard her.  They called campus police and told the student who attacked her not to come back, but they failed to tell anyone on campus what had happened.  Five days later, the student who had attacked the girl came back on campus, and they finally arrested him and put him in jail.  The girl's family went to the Post Dispatch and the news channels and told them what had happened, since the school was keeping it quiet.  It happened in my building, and I didn't know about it until I saw it on Facebook.  We got lots of bad press, and this past Monday our president resigned.  I'm sure he was forced to resign--he'd pulled some doosies in the past year and I think that keeping this quiet was the straw that broke the camel's back.

My Kindle shot craps last night.  I didn't realize how dependent I have become on it.  I read on it, play games and read the morning paper.  I was lost without it, so I stole RW's.  I ordered a Kindle Fire from Amazon first thing this morning.  Hopefully it will come before we go on vacation.  I think I can get the internet on it, so I won't have to bring my laptop on vacation.  

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