Thursday, May 9, 2013

Random Thoughts

It's been another busy week at school, finals week.  We had our end of semester pizza party on Wednesday, and my coworkers surprised me making it a going away party, too.  I had told them I didn't want a going away party, and didn't even tell anyone there that I was retiring until the past couple of weeks, when I figured it would be too late to plan anything since everyone is gone after this week.  

My assistant, Liliana, graduated from our nursing program on Tuesday evening.  I was so happy for her.  She is from Romania and really worked hard to learn the material in a second language.  She takes her state boards in July and has started looking for a nursing job.
After watching Downton Abbey for three years, we were very disappointed in this season's finale.  They could have just found another actor to play Matthew.  We have found other shows on PBS, which are quite good.  We love the show on PBS, Call the Midwife. I think Chummy (one of our favorite characters) is coming back Sunday. We tried Mr. Selfridge and weren't too impressed, but there was one that was just three episodes ending this past Sunday, Bletchley Circle, that was really good. There is little decent drama to watch on network TV, so PBS has become a wonderful option. We really need to make a contribution!

We are leaving Saturday for Gulf Shores.  We'll drive about eight hours on Saturday then stay in a hotel and drive the rest of the way on Sunday.  We don't get the house until 4 so there's no need to rush.  My daughter from Boston gets in a little after noon, so we'll probably meet her somewhere for lunch.  I'm really looking forward to vacation, but I feel bad that our son and his wife and baby from Cincinnati cannot come because they are having their second baby on May 25th.  I told them we could swing by and pick up Stephanie and take her to the beach with us, but they said no.  I'll be posting lots of pictures next week.  

Our addition is moving along.  They did the excavation this week and poured the first round of concrete, and they put in the new furnace and air conditioning units.  They will rewire our electricity next week while we are gone, so we will have air conditioning when we return.  It's been so cool here that we've been fine without it. 

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