Sunday, February 28, 2016


I've been busier this month than I expected to be.  I am taking a Woman's History class on Tuesday/Thursday mornings, and a few weeks ago the English dept. chair contacted me to see if I could fill in for their secretary who was having surgery the beginning of February.  So, I've been working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30-11:30.  Then I was supposed to be working as an ESL tutor Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 4 to 8, but a friend is covering Wednesday evenings until I finish working in the English Dept.  That way I only have to go back on Thursdays for a second shift.  I think I finished in the English Dept. this past Thursday; Pat, who I was filling in for, came back Thursday afternoon so I hope I'm finished.

I celebrated my birthday most of the month.  My sister Kay hosted the Fancy Aunt Luncheon on Valentine's Day.  We celebrated Didi's birthday, since she was busy for the December luncheon, my birthday and Laura's which was the eleventh, and Libby's which was Valentine's Day.  It was so much fun seeing everyone, and Julie was in town  She looks great and it was so nice having her here.  We went and saw Brooklyn the next day--the first movie I've seen in a theater for 20 years.

Then this past Friday, my friends from work had a luncheon for me.  As I said, I celebrated my birthday all month!  Now we are getting ready to go to Florida.  We are going tomorrow for a week.  We fly into Fort Myers and drive to Cape Coral.  We've rented a two bedroom house for a week; it has a pool so it should be fun.  Wayne's brother, Jeff, and his wife Judith have been there for almost two months, so we'll get together with them.  They are staying in a high rise about a mile from where we are staying.  

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