Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Just got back from the doctor and got my staples out. It hurt a little because my skin was growing around them already. He said everything looks great. The cancer was "clear cell cancer stage 1A." He said that is the most aggressive kind of ovarian cancer and I was really lucky to catch it so early.  I can do steps now and drive, but not lifting or tub baths for six more weeks.  That means I won't get to pick up baby Julia at Easter.

2.  Wayne and I have been watching a PBS series, Doc Martin, and really enjoying it.  My sisters had told me about it and Patty lent us her DVD's of the first five seasons  It seems like every winter we devour a series in a week or two, i.e. Homeland, Sopranos...

3.  My youngest sister, Libby, will host our family Easter brunch this year.  I think this is the second time since we lived in this house that we have not had it.  I really love doing it, but I might be pushing it a bit.  Lib has a nice big yard that will be great for the Easter egg hunt.

4.  All of my children will be here for Easter this year.  I can hardly wait to see everyone!  I don't think Patrick has been home for Easter since he moved to NY six years ago.

5.  I bought Easter dresses for the two baby girls on Zulily and they came yesterday.  They are darling--light blue bishops with white bunnies smocked around the neck.  They are on Zulily again today if you want to see them.

6.  I did our taxes this past weekend, and we are actually getting money back.  I was really worried because I took a chunk of my retirement and invested it, and when I got my W4 from Meramec it gave the amount as untaxed income.  Fortunately, it was rolled over into an IRA so I don't have to pay taxes on it.

7.  Since we don't have to pay taxes, Wayne and I are going to Michigan in July.  Four or five of my sisters go every year, the third week in July, and this year we are going too.  I just put money down on a one-bedroom condo in downtown Saugatack.

8.  I'm looking at plane tickets to go to Boston the first weekend of May for Jack's First Communion.  Kate says Jack doesn't really even care about it, but I went to Corinne's and would really like to go to Jack's as well.  I don't have many Catholic grand children.

9.  Nine more weeks and we'll be in Gulf Shores.  I'm trying to not go overboard buying outfits for the grands.  So far I've just bought one set of swim suits and one set of dresses (coordinating outfits for the little boys).  Katie, my oldest grand daughter, refuses to dress like her siblings and cousins anymore, and I think the next three will soon be refusing as well.  I still have the little ones, though.

10.  Spring has sprung!  It seemed like it was never going to come this year.  Wayne is outside replacing boards on the deck and fertilizing the yard.  The daffodils are coming up and the grass is turning green.  Today is April Fool's, but I can't think of any jokes

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  1. What a busy few months you have coming up! So glad you're on the mend, enjoy this beautiful Spring :)